Thursday, January 5, 2012

Restarting my Blog!

Hello, everyone! As you might (or might not) know, this blog used to be the blog I used for my Multimedia class last school year, but as the class ended, so did my blog, unfortunately. But now, the end of winter break has come, and with it, comes International Investigation Week (AKA IIW) at my school. IIW is a weeklong event where students go into deeper study of a topic they find interesting. My topic is pursuing your passion. Basically, I will follow something I love and try to connect with others around me and around the world through this passion, and show those connections.

My passion is books. It always has been. Nobody I know reads like I do. I've read probably hundreds of books in my lifetime. Unfortunately, it's been difficult to connect with people at my school, since I don't really watch TV or play videogames or be interested in the same things they are. I wanted to try to connect with others in this project. I already keep up with other readers' blogs, but I don't really talk to them or anything like that. My passion for books stems from two facts - one, that when I read a book, I don't feel so alone in the world and also because I can relate to fictional characters in a way that I can't do with kids at my school. I can escape reality, which is sometimes lonely and dull, and just jump into someone else's life. I can experience situations and have adventures that I probably will never have in real life.

Therefore, on this blog, each day this week (and next Monday & Tuesday) I will write what I have accomplished each day and show interactions with other readers I find (this will also involve a lot of signing up to various websites because most websites do require you to log-in whenever you want to comment on somebody's blog posts.)

I follow one of my favorite authors, Jenny Han, on Tumblr (I don't really understand Tumblr, never have, and probably never will). She is the author of Shug & The Summer Trilogy. If you haven't read the Summer Trilogy, they are very good books for teenage girls, romantic novels, but they're sweet & innocent, unlike other romantic books for teenagers. I'll post her link below:

She also has a Blogspot, but she updates her Tumblr more often. The blogspot link above is basically information about herself and her novels.

Later on today, I'll post a list of books that I have read & loved. WARNING: It will probably be lengthy.

Wish me luck!! :)


  1. The summmer i turned pretty.....
    Was it that one book that the girl has to pick between the two guys.....

  2. Answer woman >:D Your sitting right next to me its not that hard.

  3. Yes, the Summer I Turned Pretty is about the girl who has to pick between the two guys. The one she really loves is a guy that in real life, I'd probably be really frustrated with all the time, but I'd probably have a huge crush on him at the same time.