Tuesday, June 12, 2012



If I have one word to describe the final book in Lauren Kate's Fallen series, it would be...bittersweet. I felt sad at the end of the book, even though it was supposed to be a happy ending. I won't reveal too much about the book, though. I'll probably have to reread the book myself, as I flew through it in one day just to find out what happens to our favorite lovebirds, Daniel Grigori and Lucinda Price. 

This novel takes place immediately after the events of Passion, so there's not much of a break or catch up. I'd suggest re-reading Passion before reading this book. It is revealed that Lucifer, AKA the evil one, plans to rewrite history to his own liking. We don't understand why he would want to do this, but the fact is Luce and Daniel and all the other Fallen Angels have only 9 days (the angels fell for 9 days) to stop Lucifer from erasing the several thousand years that have passed since The Fall and therefore, if Lucifer succeeds, all of Luce's and Daniel's history together will be gone. The curse would begin all over again. 

This book's events circle around the mission to find three crucial objects that lead to locating the site of the first Fall, which was forgotten by the angels. The angels will have to go there to intercept and stop Lucifer from initiating the Fall a second time. Along the way, Luce and Daniel encounter the Scale, sort of like Heaven's policemen (or high school principals, according to Daniel), the Elders (and Miss Sophia) and yes, Lucifer and God (The Throne) themselves.  

Yes, there are deaths in this book, and some angels and other beings alike perish (I won't give names.) 

Many shocks are thrust upon us in this book, such as the history of Luce and Daniel's love, and Lucinda's true nature. One of the biggest shocks arrives at the end of the novel, and it involves Lucifer and Lucinda. Can you guess? 

The end was kind of sad, in my opinion. No, Luce and Daniel don't die - but let's just say they're no longer the beings they used to be. I felt bad, for Luce and for Daniel - it was romantic, to see them fall in love over and over again. It would've been better if they could both be immortal and in love forever. 

The epilogue was funny, with everyone watching Luce and Daniel as if they were a reality show. Hey, you gotta entertain yourself somehow for eternity, huh? 

Like many of us, I would like to see a spin-off with Cam as the main character. He was an interesting character - not to mention HOT. I don't remember ever reading about the story of Cam's long lost love, or the story of Arriane's scars, unless I was reading so fast that I missed it completely. Somehow I doubt it, but was Luce Cam's love, the girl that broke his heart and caused him to side with Lucifer? I know Luce cares about Cam in her own way, and in turn Cam cares about Luce, but I don't think he loved her in that way. 

Anyway, this book did have a happy ending, in many ways. It just didn't feel like the right ending for them, you know? I felt that they deserved much better than that, for all they sacrificed and suffered because of the curse. And I felt bad for Callie - I mean what will happen to her? Does she completely forget about Luce or does everything remain the same, but always wondering what happened to her best friend? 

I don't have another book to read for the summer in mind until the end of July, when Sara Shepard's Hide and Seek comes out. I can't wait! Well, there's my Spanish homework assignment - read Madame Bovary and write a summary for EVERY SINGLE CHAPTER. What's the point of that? I'll probably procrastinate for as long as possible on it, even though I REALLY shouldn't. 

As they say in Spain, ¡Hasta luego! 

UPDATE: I reread Passion and let's just erase that part about Luce being Cam's love. The woman who broke Cam's heart was Lilith, not Luce. After Lilith left him, he argued with Daniel and joined Lucifer.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012


As of tomorrow evening, I will not be in the United States for the next two and half months or so. It's kind of exciting, don't you think? Today's my last day to enjoy a real burger and things like Dr. Pepper and movies/TV in English - coincidentally, I went to go see Snow White & the Huntsman yesterday - although I liked the movie, I remember thinking when Snow White cheated her imminent death by the hands (or magic, whatever you want to think) of Queen Ravenna by escaping the castle, there just happened to be a beautiful white horse waiting to be ridden on - I mean, let's be realistic - what are the odds of that happening in real life? Slim to none. 

I spent some quality time with my mother, of course, who won't be going with me to Europe. Although she's super cranky these days, with my trip and everything else going on. But it doesn't matter. While I understand that she can't go with us to Spain, I'll miss her. 

School is over, and I'm ecstatic to say that I got all As this semester, as was my goal. Even in chemistry, which was almost hell this year, thanks to my nonexistent teacher, who didn't teach us anything all year. 

Nevertheless, I still have homework, due to IB. I have to read a book in Spanish and write chapter summaries for EVERY SINGLE CHAPTER. What is the point of this, I ask? Maybe I'll pay someone in Spain to do my homework for me...hmm....

One thing that bothers me is the fact that I can't buy books on my Nook in Spain. I've got tons of books I want to read this summer - that's so stupid, that I can't purchase books from over there. Thankfully, I can buy songs on the United States iTunes store from Europe :) 

I'll also have the opportunity to go to France to my cousin's wedding - which I will definitely take, of course - I love France! I love all of Europe in general - I want to live there one day. 

I hope all of you have a fantastic summer and I'll try to post again when I can!