Saturday, January 21, 2012

Pretty Little Secrets - Aria's and Emily's POVs

So, I finished Emily Fields' and Aria Montgomery's POVs this week!! Last one to go is Spencer Hastings! :) 


EMILY FIELDS -  I usually don't like Emily's POVs. I always find them the most boring. I find Emily really clingy to Ali DiLaurentis and she seems needy to me. Anyway, I actually liked her POV in this book. Emily's mother's baby Jesus porcelain doll or whatever is stolen from their church by a group known as the "Merry Elves." Emily's mother's friend Mrs. Meriweather suspects that the four elves that work in Santa Land at the local mall are behind the missing Christmas decorations and she is in charge of Santa Land, so Emily is offered a job as the new Santa while her undercover mission is to catch the four elves and catch them in the act. Emily, although reluctantly, takes up the offer. The four girls - Cassie, Lola, Heather & Sophie - are intimidating girls who have problems of their own with their families (or so Emily discovers later on). With time, Emily wiggles her way into the group and makes new friends out of these girls. Emily's longed for a group of best friends ever since Alison disappeared and she, Aria, Spencer & Hanna broke apart. However, Emily finds out that the girls are in fact, the Merry Elves stealing Christmas decorations from people's homes. They invite her on a mission to steal all the ornaments and presents from the Christmas tree at the local country club. Emily joins in the theft, but doesn't tell her mother. The girls get caught by Mrs. Fields and Mrs. Meriweather and Emily is let off free while the girls are arrested. Although Emily took no part in her mom's sting operation she feels bad for getting them caught (Emily's mom had tracked her new iPhone). Emily blackmails a police officer to let them go, and the girls go visit Emily the next day and thank her for setting them free. 

ARIA MONTGOMERY - Oh my goodness. Aria's my favorite PLL, but what she did in this book was so amazingly stupid I have no other words to describe her actions. So, Aria and her brother, Mike, go to a hotel to celebrate the Winter Solstice with their dad (they don't celebrate Christmas, but the Winter Solstice). Aria is happy to spend some time with her dad without his girlfriend Meredith around. However, once they arrive at the hotel, Meredith is waiting for them. Upset, Aria decides to go back to Rosewood. Once at her mom's house, her old boyfriend from Iceland, Hallbjorn, visits her and needs a place to stay for a few nights. Aria decides to let him stay, and in just a day or two they rekindle their romance. Hallbjorn is fiercely protective of the environment and of animal rights and protection. However, he is wanted in Iceland because he was protesting against the demolition or something of a wildlife park, so he fled to the U.S. To forever extend his student visa, she, on the spot, ASKS HIM TO MARRY HER. Is she insane?! Who wants to get married at 17?! He agrees, they go to Atlantic City, book a pricey hotel room, and basically, they get married with like, strippers as their witnesses. The night before the wedding, Aria & Hallbjorn had seen a show that used snow leopards - and guess what? Hallbjorn is against the performers using the leopards the way they do. He wants to set them free (alright, the leopards do live in awful conditions and I'd want to do something about it, but set them free in Atlantic City? He's crazy.) The morning after their wedding, he sneaks out of their room and sets the leopards free. He took his suitcase with him, meaning he's not coming back. He used her and he abandoned her. She annuls their marriage and he gets caught & arrested. And guess what? Apparently, Hallbjorn is wanted in Iceland not for protesting, but for trying to blow up an office building that wanted to demolish the wildlife park. No one finds out about her little marriage (except for A, that is).  Aria's judgement was not very wise here. Anyone else agree? 

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