Tuesday, January 10, 2012

More About Book Love

Tabitha -  I love books for the same reasons as you guys. Basically they take me away from everything and can always make me feel better, ya know?
Your blogs look amazing.

Adriana Garcia, the U.S.A - What connects me..? I don't know. I like being absorbed into someone else's adventure or romance even if they are just fictional. They just make me happy.

Starburst, the U.S.A. -  Books are freakin awesome that why i like them.

Terri, the U.S.A -  I really love to read for the escape from my own reality. I enjoy tv and movies for the same reason. This is why I prefer science fiction, horror or anything paranormal genres because it's really not real and far from my own life. It's like a mini vacation to dive into a really good book.

Sheri - For me its entering into a world I never could have created on my own. Each book you read is filled with the author's own imagination and experiences. The twists and turns in a story are their own unique perspectives and creations. Like you said, you get to experience situations and have adventures that you otherwise normally wouldn't.

Anastasia, the U.S.A. - for me they're more of an escape from reality. it allows me to become a different person for awhile. though it's not always a good thing because i end up longing for something i know, unless there's some miracle, will never happen. i have a hard time making friends because most of the people i know aren't into the stuff i am, combined with the fact that i'm extremely quiet it allows people to pretty much ignore me. so for me books are an escape and something i can easily talk to people about, though i think most of the friends i do have get kind of annoyed with me when i talk about books to much.

Shawna, the U.S.A. - I also don't have many friends that read the same books I do, some of them even look funny at me when they see what I am reading (paranormal) because it is consider "not apart of my culture".... it sometimes can be a little lonely not being able to discuss something that impacts your way of life, but reading for me is the way I remove myself from the everyday world and immerse myself in a world that is impossible to live in... It is almost a thrill to read a book so good it leaves your heart beating fast and your mouth hanging open in amazement when something unexpected happens....so regardless of what others think....I keep reading!!!

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