Sunday, January 15, 2012

AP Spanish

This is my last rant for today, promise:) Just stay with me through this.  

So, after IIW (if you read my previous posts, you'll know what IIW is), we have our real classes. This last Thursday was my first real class of AP Spanish this semester. And guess what our lovely teacher surprises us with? A formal essay. Woohoo! ....not. 

Without any prior practice, with some very basic instructions, we are forced to write a 300 word max formal essay using two written sources and one audio source - which I did not understand because they were talking too fast (and I do speak Spanish, just not that fast, nor am I accustomed to listening to such fast Spanish) - some of my peers in that class believed the audio source was actually instructions for our essay and they didn't realize it until it was too late, so they couldn't take notes to use for the essay (we are supposed to reference the three sources in the paper) 

We had 45 minutes to complete this essay, and it was for a TEST GRADE. I wouldn't have minded too much if it was just a practice, and then the next time it would be for a real test grade. And guess what? We have to do an essay in class like this every two weeks! Fun, fun, fun! :( 

I believe I just sat there in my seat for 5 minutes on the verge of tears because I had no idea what to write about. The two written sources were barely comprehensible, with unfamiliar complicated words. My essay - sloppy, horrible in my opinion (even for a first try at writing an essay in Spanish), and most likely a C at best. It will be a miracle to receive a B, much much less an A. I'm one of those kids who constantly stresses over grades and is one of the remaining competitors for top 10 in our class, so this was not good. What a perfect way to start off the semester...

Welcome back to AP Spanish, Paola. Not. So not thankful to my Spanish teacher for that wake-up call. Could have done fine without it. 

And at the end of the class, when the teacher asked us if writing this essay was difficult, guess who shot their hand up into the air first? 


  1. What did she say when you raised your hand?

  2. Nothing, because everybody else raised their hands too. Plus, it was the end of class and the bell had already rung for the next period, so she didn't have time to ask.