Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Jenna Marbles - What Disney Movies Have Taught Me

**Completely unrelated to books** 

So, all of you teenagers out there reading this blog, at least those from the U.S, should know about Jenna Marbles, the youtuber. Sure, she can be kind of annoying sometimes, but you gotta admit, she's actually pretty funny. 

One of my favorite videos of hers (besides the What Girls wear to the airport and the Justin Bieber impersonation) is the one where she talks about what Disney movies have taught her, because - it's TRUE! Like no joke. It's hilarious how Disney films have been pretty inappropriate, just the little things, all by themselves, although I'd never have noticed it as a kid in a million years. 

For example: 
- Snow White lived with seven men (according to her, they were "friends" - yeah right, Snow White, you're not fooling us.) 
- Princess Jasmine had a SECRET, FORBIDDEN relationship with a dirty homeless boy - not to mention Aladdin's a thief?? Great example for kids! I mean, there's nothing wrong with anyone dating someone who's homeless, but a thief? I don't think my parents would approve of that... 
- Robin Hood? Also a thief. 
- Pinocchio = liar. 
- Tarzan walked around practically naked.......
- A complete stranger kissed Princess Aurora in Sleeping Beauty and then she married him - my parents would NOT approve of me marrying a stranger. 
- Cinderella lied to her stepmother and then snuck out to go to a party, and THEN came home after midnight! What a naughty girl. 
- Mulan, although certainly the most courageous out of all Disney women, did leave home without permission and pretended to be somebody she wasn't - although it was all for a good cause I suppose? 
- And Belle? Does everybody ignore the fact that she technically engaged in bestiality? But then again, she was SUPPOSED to fall in love with him...

I agree with Jenna on everything she said. Here's the link to her Youtube video: 

Jenna Marbles - What Disney Movies Taught Me

 Random question but any teens out there remember watching your Disney movies as a kid on VCR? Oh, those were the days...before AP classes and endless amounts of homework, and endless amounts of unnecessary drama as well... 

By the way, I've finished my Pretty Little Secrets in Hanna's POV! Check it out if you're interested in the PLL series! 


  1. Hilarious! Never thought of them that way before! :)

  2. I hadn't really thought about it either, until some of my friends and I were talking about the original Disney films one day. It's funny how they're supposed to be role models for children!

  3. Except for Beauty and the Beast. I always thought that was gross. A good story but disgusting if he didn't turn into a prince. :)

  4. That's so true! How is that even possible? Belle would die if he hadn't turn back into a prince! I shudder to think of Belle and the Beast in...that...way...

  5. LOL, it's funny how we're talking about this, as Beauty and the Beast comes out tomorrow in 3D!

  6. Eh, probably not. I mean, I have the original, 2D version. Why would I pay $12 to see it again?

  7. I don't know. I'm not. :) 3D always gives me a really bad head-ache.