Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Pretty Little Secrets - Hanna's POV

Right now, I am reading Pretty Little Secrets by Sara Shepard. I started like, two days ago, but I'm already on chapter 12.

This book is set during the winter break of Aria, Spencer, Hanna and Emily's junior year (also, technically, it's set after the 4th book, Unbelievable, and the 5th book, Wicked). The book is split into four parts, for each of the four girls POV.

The novel starts with Hanna Marin's POV. Hanna's best friend, Mona Vanderwaal, has recently died, having fallen off a cliff, breaking her neck. Hanna is just trying to find ways to avoid thinking of Mona and the memories they shared. Therefore, she avoids the King James Mall, which she & Mona used to frequently visit, and goes to the new mall that just opened, The Devon Crest (or something like that). It's still hard for Hanna to grasp the fact that her friendship with Mona was a lie, as Mona never really liked Hanna and was just waiting to get revenge on her (Mona is the notorious text-messager, otherwise known as "A"). Her boyfriend, Lucas Beattie (who Mona used to make fun of, before she died, that is) is going to the Yucatan with a childhood friend by the name of Brooke, who hinted at Hanna when they met that she was going to steal Lucas away from her. Once Lucas is gone (and suspiciously does not contact her for a while), Hanna assumes that Lucas is cheating on her, and begins to flirt with her gym instructer, Vince (oh, she also attends a "Holiday Boot Camp" to lose the pounds she gained as a result of having attended too many Christmas parties, AND to look amazing so that Lucas would regret having cheated on her). She competes for the attention of Vince with Dinah Morissey, who seems determined to snag Vince for her own.

Did I mention that her father, his fiancee, Isabel, and his fiancee's EVIL daughter, Kate Randall - have moved into her house while her mom takes a job in Singapore?

Result = DISASTER! Obviously! I'm not done with Hanna's POV yet, but like every other PLL situation, it ends that way. 

One thing I hate about Hanna is how she automatically assumes that if Lucas doesn't contact her in a few days definitely means he's cheating on her. Maybe he's busy - I mean, he's wanted to go to the Yucatan his whole life, according to him. Give the poor boyfriend a break. He DID listen to you constantly complain about Mona and Kate, after all.

At 10:00 PM, I finished Hanna Marin's POV. I'm glad about the way it turned out alright all in all concerning Lucas and her father and even Kate somewhat, but I hated Dinah absolutely, although she wasn't worth a bit of Hanna's worry or time. And neither was Vince. Dinah was just awful for tricking Hanna and fake-friending her for the sake of winning Vince. Ugh, I just hate people like her. Well, I hope she and Vince are happy! If you've read this book, you'll know what I mean...hint, hint. 

But all of those who've read the ENTIRE PLL series knows what happens after this junior year winter break...sorry Hanna, it will NOT get any easier for you. 

And now, on to Emily Fields' POV! I'll post Emily's POV in its entirety when I'm done with her part. 

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