Sunday, September 30, 2012

Dukan Diet Study

Hello All!

I know I haven't gotten on Blogger for over a month. I apologize. The start of the school year has been unbelievably stressful. 

My topic for today is the Dukan Diet. You guys might have heard of it - Kate Middleton was reportedly on the diet while getting ready for the wedding of the century. 

And no, if you all are wondering. I'm not going on the Dukan Diet. However, for biology, our class received a project to study a diet plan of our choice and explain our discoveries. I chose the Dukan Diet - mainly because I read celebrity gossip and I recalled Kate Middleton's diet when I got this project. 

It would be extremely appreciative, if any of you are currently on the Dukan Diet or have been on the Dukan Diet at some point in the past, to answer some of my questions about the diet.

1. Why did you choose the Dukan diet to begin with? Does it work? Does it satisfy? 

2. Do you have cravings for certain foods either allowed or prohibited by the diet? Do you plan on following the diet indefinitely? 

I will love you guys to infinity and beyond if you share with me your experience with the Dukan Diet. 

Hope to hear from all you Dukan dieters soon! :)