Sunday, January 22, 2012

Last Straw

He did it again. He ditched me again! 

I mean, yes, Patrick & I are kind of not talking right now, but I believe he did this just to spite me. It's in his nature to take revenge. 

He and my other best friend decided to hang out, have a mini-party and not invite me, apparently. I mean, I suppose it's my other friend Jessica's fault as well (because she's always telling me she never has time to hang out with me but when she does have time she doesn't invite me to her mini-party) but Patrick KNOWS that ditching me makes me angry. I was already a bit annoyed with him (just annoyed, not upset), so why make me even more pissed off at him? 

This is the last straw. This has happened over and over and over again and he STILL DOESN'T GET IT. It makes me so pissed off and honestly, I couldn't care less if we weren't friends anymore. All he does is hurt me and I am just freaking sick of it. 


  1. Damn. What a jerk. Sorry that you're hurt. Sometimes friends just drift apart but other times it ends with a crash. ):

  2. I know. :( the other day, I was in choir, and I asked him if he wanted to go get a bottle of juice from the vending machine with me, and Hannah, out of nowhere, says "You're not even his friend anymore!" I was speechless.

    Yeah, I can kind of tell what kind of person he really is. He's one who cares so much about his "popularity" that he ditches his old friends. Except, he's really not doing anything to boost this popularity because 75% of his friends are freshmen.

  3. Ha! 75%!

    What is wrong with Hannah! She needs to mind her own business.

  4. I know! Me & her actually got into an argument and we're not speaking. Thank God for that. I've been wanting her to leave me alone for the longest time.