Friday, January 6, 2012

Yesterday's Progress

Yesterday was quite productive, in the sense that I was able to communicate with other people from around the nation/globe about their passion for books (I don't know where they're from, or their real names, but I'll post some comments here.)

I will continue asking people what drives their passion for books.

Naynay - I think books take us to another place and another time. We can escape the hardships of daily life. When we are caught up in a book, the only thing that exist at that moment is the story of romance or mystery or fantasy. We can be what ever we want to be.

Sheri- For me its entering into a world I never could have created on my own. Each book you read is filled with the author's own imagination and experiences. The twists and turns in a story are their own unique perspectives and creations. Like you said, you get to experience situations and have adventures that you otherwise normally wouldn't.

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