Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Pulling My Hair Out!

Hello, my fellow bloggers - I'm alive! Yes, it's been over 2 months since I last posted something on here but life has been super hectic. I'm a high school senior, so my life revolves around those college applications. The dreaded, endless college application season has arrived. I'm practically finished except for the essays but so far, so good. I've just got to perfect and verify that all my information in those applications is correct. 

My dream school is NYU. I've had my heart set on going there as soon as I went to a college information session of theirs at my school. The student diversity, the campus life, the extraordinary opportunities to study abroad - and of course, NYU is in the heart of New York City, where something is always happening at any given moment. I've been to New York, and I loved it. I live in the south, so its a pretty big distance, and I'm not sure I'm independent enough to go so far on my own, but I feel like it's the only way I'll truly let go of dependence on others - to go so far away that there's no one there to solve my problems for me. It's a daunting idea, but I feel confident that I can do it. People tell me that I should go to a school closer to home and see how it goes and then transfer into NYU, but I am scared that 1) I wouldn't get accepted as a transfer and 2) I'll be just too comfortable at whatever school I go to that I won't feel like going anywhere else. And frankly, I'm just tired of the state I live in. I need a change. 

My grades are pretty good - I am in top 10 of my extremely small class of 109 students, I'm not in ten different clubs at my school but I am in a few and I've dedicated my efforts and my time to those specific clubs. I just didn't want to get so stressed out with so many clubs and then not be able to say I contributed much to any single club because there were just too many. I'm in the process of writing a kick-ass essay for Common App, and I've got my recommendations from two teachers and the counselor. SAT scores aren't too hot - 1790 - I took the exam again, but I doubt I did any better, partly because the monitor didn't give the dictated time for each section. So, I'm hoping that with everything else, the SAT score won't matter as much to the admissions people. 

Of course, there are other schools I'm applying to - half of them public and half of them private, all of them in my state - but I can only imagine myself at NYU, not at any other particular school I'm applying to. Of course, NYU is a reach school, but I think I may have a decent chance at getting accepted. 

I'm submitting my application to NYU first, so wish me luck on getting that acceptance letter!

Thursday, August 8, 2013

The End is Near

So, summer is winding down and rapidly coming to a close, but that's not what I'm worried about. It's school - that horror dungeon designed for learning but is actually a place of hatred and stereotypes and utter loneliness, at least for me. Plus, I doubt I will ever need to know the significance of a specific history event or understand Shakespeare's works in my future. But then again, who knows? 

Summer is the greatest thing that has happened to me this year. I got to volunteer at my pediatrician's clinic in June, where I got a taste of what my possible future profession would be like, and I got to intern at my uncle's magazine, 002 Houston. It was truly an experience for me, and I'm glad I got to be productive this summer. I also got my driver's permit - the sweet reward of almost a month, 2 hours per day Monday-Thursday of constant dull videos. 

In July, I went to Spain to visit my family. My brothers and Dad had already been here for a month, and I was just catching up with them. I got to spend a week in Madrid with my grandparents, and then went up north to my dad's hometown. Life here is almost totally different from my life in the states. The small town life is tranquil and liberating. I can go wherever I want, whenever I want. I can party until the early hours of the morning without worrying about my parents getting mad. And best of all, I have my friends, who are older than U am, and therefore I can rrelate to them more easily than I can to people my own age. There were at least 20 people at my birthday dinner -the most people I've ever had come to an event of mine. It was truly amazing. 

Now that I am about to leave from Spain, I wonder what else I could have done with my time. I really should've done more college stuff. But I doubt many people really focused on college this summer. Especially those who are out of the country. I'm not excited to go back to Texas because as much as I love the big city, it has its disadvantages. The busy hustle and bustle life is something I don't mind so much, but it's nice to not have anything to do for a while. I miss being able to go to the mall and the movies and the museums whenever I want. Some things I won't miss, however: 

- The fact that we have to turn the router off and shut off the electricity every time there's a thunderstorm. 
- How the power will go out at least once every time I take a shower.
- The smell of shit throughout the town. 
- The startling amount of dust in my grandmother's old house. 
- The 50 km drive to the city (and to a mall, a hospital, and a movie theater, among countless other amenities that are a 5 minute drive away in a Texas big city).

Things I will miss: 

- My family and friends. 
- My uncle's dogs, Pol and Lua, and Jacko, the German Shepard and my 2 beautiful cats, Luna and Mimosa. 
- The peacefulness and the mountains and the cool weather in the daytime and the chilliness of the night. 
- The snacks - Cheetos Pelotazos, blackberry and raspberry gummies, Ham-flavored Ruffles. 
- The Corte Ingles.
- The Pizzeria La Competencia - by far the most delicious pizza I have ever had. 

It's a bittersweet feeling to leave - I want to go and I want to stay. The fact that I have to leave so soon means that summer is coming to an end and my senior year will start. The only bright side to school starting is that it's my last year of high school. I want nothing more than to be far, far away from the idiots and stupid-heads in my high school.

Hope everyone's summer has been amazing, and for all of those in school, best of luck in this upcoming school year!

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Shopping Crisis!

Now, I know I haven't been on here in months, but I apologize. I've just been so busy this semester! 

I came on here to rant about shopping. I really really want this Kate Spade idiom bracelet "Look on the Bright Side" but I can't find it anywhere! I saw it on the website a few months ago and was going to buy it but ended up not buying it. I regret it. My aunt has one, and I love it! It's such a shame they don't have it anymore - they should sell them again! I'd buy one!

There's also a wristlet by Tory Burch that I really wanted but then it sold out!!! 

I just really needed to rant to people about this.