Computer Hunt

Find the Pages application on your computer and copy and paste the questions into it, and
answer them there. Find and record the following information.

Open the Survey Results. Which chart do you find most interesting? And why?
(you have to choose one)

 - I find the one about the Stock Photography the most interesting because I was surprised that a lot of the students in my class got the correct answer (Stock Photography are a supply of images allowed for use in publishing and other projects. 

What operating system are we running?

- Mac OS X 

What is the processor?

- 2.66 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo 

How much memory?

- 2 GB 1067 MHz DDR3 

How many USB ports do our computers have?

- 4 USB ports 

The keyboard is plugged into what type of port?

- A USB port 

Name five of the Adobe programs on our computers?

- Adobe Illustrator CS4, Adobe Flash Player, Adobe Photoshop CS4, Adobe Media Player and Adobe Dreamweaver CS4. 

Compare the clocks in the room to the time on the computers. Are the clocks accurate? If not, how inaccurate are they?

-  One of the clocks in the room is frozen so it is definitely not accurate. The one that's frozen is set at approximately 6:55 AM. The other clock in the room is set at 8:13. It is closer to the time on the Macs which right now it is 8:24 AM. 

How many trash cans are in the room?

- 2 trash cans. 

What programs are part of iWork?

- Pages, Numbers and Keynote. 

What is Keynote? What program would you compare it to on a pc?

- Keynote is a presentation creator application. It's similar to Microsoft Powerpoint on a PC. 

Open chess, what colors are the squares?

- Brown (a mahogany color) and a tannish color. 

What program do you surf the net with on the these Macs?

- Safari. 

Change the background on your computer and take a screen capture of it.

Drop the screen capture into this document.

- I would post the screen capture into this document, but it wouldn't show. I tried to make it show up but it won't. 

Open the Calculator application, what is 12,672 divided by 6?

- 2,112 

Save this document on your server files. You will need it later.