Sunday, January 15, 2012

Too Much Stress

This is my last post for today, but I need to let it all out. 

It was the first day back from winter break on January 4th, and all of my Asian friends and I were talking, and somehow our conversation got to school, which was inevitable since we all live for the purpose of being excellent in school and going to some Ivy League school (well, that's their aspiration) and then becoming a surgeon or a pediatrician or a lawyer or some ultimate money-making career - and they were all talking about how they've already looked for scholarships and found some and applied, and how they've already bought the College Board book and are already studying for the SATs next year, and how much volunteer work they've done (I mean, I'm in NHS so I've also done volunteer work, but not as much as they have) and how their parents have connections to the good universities, which I don't have. I haven't done what they have, and so I got really stressed out, and at night, I just...started crying. I've always been one to over-stress, but it never really got this bad. 

Am I stressing too much over this? Should I be doing all the things they're doing? I know it's never too early to look for scholarships, and it doesn't hurt, either, but is it a priority to start looking now? 


  1. I know where your coming from. I'm stressing about getting into this university for Fall. So you must be a Junior right? You shouldn't be stressing to the point of crying. I have been unable to sleep sometimes because of the same thing. Seriously. It's not going to help you. Stop stressing your fine.

    But if you are a Junior you should be looking at test dates for the SATs and ACTs but not for right now. Some people just know exactly what they want. It'll be alright (:

  2. Really? You don't have to worry then. (:
    If your really worried just look things up during Summer.

  3. I probably won't wait until summer but I'll have to find the time somewhere this semester to do it.