Friday, July 6, 2012

Tres Metros Sobre El Cielo

So, the other day, while spending a lazy late evening with my cousin and her boyfriend in Spain, a movie that's apparently wildly popular with teenagers here in Spain comes on TV, most likely because the sequel to the movie had just been released in theaters. It's called Tres Metros Sobre El Cielo (Three Meters Above Heaven - English translation always useful)

It's about this schoolgirl, Babi (and no offense to her or anything, but what kind of a name is that? It sounds like a name given to a blonde bimbo - trust me, I've never heard that name in Spain or in the USA) who lives with her strict mother and her more laid-back father. She's supposed to be innocent, and she was disciplined and has to behave properly at all times. She meets rebellious bad boy, motorcycle-riding hottie Hugo (who goes by Hache) and obviously, the star-crossed pair fall in love. The two come from very different worlds, but are madly in love with each other. It's romantic, and cute. 

I caught the movie fifteen minutes after it started, so I don't know the beginning of the movie. This movie sort of reminds me of Fifty Shades of Grey, just in a teenage version. Not in the fact that Hache is a kinky bastard, but that he tries to protect Babi (and she doesn't really like it that much - like when Babi is about to fail a class and Hache goes and threatens the teacher to not fail Babi) and does little romantic things for her like when he takes her to the beach house and paints Tres Metros Sobre El Cielo on a bridge. There's more romantic stuff he does, but I can't name them all. Also, Hache can get violent, like Christian, and both don't like their pasts very much (I didn't understand it all, but apparently he doesn't get along with his parents - I don't know if his mom was a whore - like Christian's birth mother - or what, but that is similar) The similarities aren't that big, but I couldn't help noticing. 

Let's just say that like Romeo and Juliet, this movie has a tragic ending - although not as tragic as Romeo and Juliet. 

Last night, I went to see the sequel to this film, Tengo Ganas de Ti - I won't talk about the film in this post, but I will in the next. 

I haven't started my Spanish homework reading of Madame Bovary - and I really really should, but I'm just so lazy! I have half a mind to read it in English and do the chapter summaries based on the English version. It's kind of stupid, considering Madame Bovary is a French book, written by a French author, not Spanish, and we're reading it in the Spanish Literature class. 

To conclude this post on a happy note, SPAIN WON THE EUROPE CUP THIS YEAR! Everyone was so thrilled here, myself included - we partied until one AM and we dressed up in Spanish colors of red & yellow and we painted the Spanish flag on our faces and after the game we honked our car horns all around town and flew the Spanish flag out the window - oh, it was a blast. But 4-0, what a brilliant final game for Spain!