Friday, January 9, 2015

You Are In Love

Yes, I like Taylor Swift's music, and I was pleased with her new album that came out this year, 1989 - I particularly like the songs Style and Blank Space. 

On her deluxe album, there's a song called You Are In Love. It's easily one of the most romantic songs on this album - it feels very authentic to me. Besides, I'm reading this heartbreaking story on FanFiction and the lyrics just make me think about the story. So here are today's lyrics to that song. 

One look, dark room, 
Meant just for you. 
Time moved too fast, 
You played it back. 
Buttons on a coat,
Light-hearted joke. 
No proof, not much, 
But you saw enough. 

Small talk, he drives,
Coffee at midnight. 
The light reflects 
The chain on your neck. 
He says look up,
And your shoulders brush.  
No proof, one touch, 
You felt enough. 

You can hear it in the silence, silence, 
You can feel it on the way home, way home. 
You can see it with the lights out, lights out. 
You're in love, true love. 
You are in love. 

Morning, his place,
Burnt toast, Sunday, 
You keep his shirt,
He keeps his word. 
And for once, you let go 
Of your fears and your ghosts. 
One step, not much, 
But it said enough. 

You kissed on sidewalks, 
You fight and you talk.
One night, he wakes,
Strange look on his face. 
Pauses, then says,  
You're my best friend. 
And you knew what it was,
He is in love. 

Chorus x1 

So it goes,
You two are dancing
In a snow globe round and round. 
And he keeps the picture of you
In his office downtown. 
You understand now why 
They lost their minds and fought the wars. 
And why I've spent my whole life
Trying to put it into words. 

Chorus x3 

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