Thursday, January 15, 2015


Today's song is Silhouettes by Swimming with Dolphins (2008). 

I know you won't admit this,
I am just a silhouette to you. 
You found comfort with my distance,
But you never let me stray out of your view. 

Who really needs the past 
With the allure of something new? 
So we split apart at last,
Went back to the places that I knew
Before you. 

And you never have to see
The light that wraps itself around me.
And I never have to know 
The faces and the places you go. 
  (That you go) x4

When I count by the resistance
I bend in shapes, in ways I never knew.
So I'll try to post from my existence. 
Yeah, I'll stop or start my heart if you ask me to. 
I'll stop my heart 
And then I'll wait for you. 

I was sure I never would be sure we were in love 
(Although it's dark and black) 
      I am sure I never would be sure of love to come
                                                                    (There is one thing left to hold on to) 
                                                                               After you. 


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