Thursday, January 8, 2015

Go Figure

Today's song is "Go Figure", by Everlife, from the DCOM called Go Figure (2005). 

Just when you learned the game of life,
All the rules change overnight,
Whoa, whoa, go figure. 

It seems so wrong to even try,
But taking a chance never felt so right,
Whoa, whoa, go figure. 

You have a dream,
You wanna be 
The center of the story. 
Just when you think it's gone,
You find a way to keep it going on. 

Sometimes you fall before you fly,
Sometimes you laugh when you should cry, 
Go figure. 
When things got messed up,
You wanted to give up,
Nothing seemed right but turned out fine, 
Go figure, go figure,
Whoa, whoa.

It's so dangerous to play it safe,
You get what you want by giving it away. 
Whoa, whoa, go figure. 
Go figure. 

You're trying so hard to be someone else,
When all you needed to be was yourself. 
Whoa, whoa, go figure. 

Not everything is what it seems, 
There's never just one meaning. 
When life starts making sense,
The world is upside down again.


             Did you really think your destiny was a one-way street? 
            You gotta be ready for anything,
              Just set your whole life free, yeah. 

             Chorus x2

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