Sunday, February 19, 2012

The Wicked Witch of the West

I know I'll regret bitching about my family (not my immediate family, but extended family such as aunts, uncles, cousins, etc.) if they EVER saw this (God forbid that doesn't happen) but it's something I just have to get out of my system. And to those of you who wonder why I am spilling personal family stuff for the whole world to see, well, I suppose she deserves it. She was never particularly kind to me so why should I return the favor? 

Let's focus on my least favorite person on the planet, my aunt Christie. Three words to sum up my aunt - lying, manipulative bitch. It all starts when my mother and Christie were younger. Of course, Christie was my grandparents' favorite daughter - she was - and still is - SUCH a kiss-up. No joke. She always got what she wanted. Later on, it seems as if Christie told deliberate lies to my grandparents to make them disapprove of my mother. For example, Christie told my grandmother at some point in time that my mom went to a party in middle school at a guy friend's house and apparently this guy did drugs. This is an obvious lie, but my grandparents gobbled it up, hook line and sinker. Why, you may ask, is this a blatant lie? You see, my grandparents are very old fashioned and proper, and therefore, my aunt and my mother attended an all girls Catholic school run by nuns. My mom didn't have guy friends to begin with! She didn't have the time to get to know any guy friends, much less go to guy's party, what with all the swimming, piano and study sessions she was forced to do. I could go on and on about Christie's crimes against my family, because there are infinitely many, but we'll just fast-forward to summer 2010. My grandparents invited me and my brothers to come and stay in their condo in Miami Beach for a few weeks, so we went. However, Christie and her children, Luke and Kyle, also came to stay with us. Christie and I got along for the first week or so of being in the same condo together, but then Christie came up with the brilliant idea of all of us going to DisneyWorld for a week, so we went. The first day ruined the whole trip for me. We started in Magic Kingdom. However, Christie was being bossy about everything and deciding what rides we should go on, according to her children's wishes (you'd think an adult woman would act like one, but apparently not) and for a few hours all we did was go on the rides my cousins wanted to go on. I got angry because hours had gone by and we still hadn't gone on my ride. I waited outside for them while they went on a ride I didn't care to go on. It started to rain just as they came out, and I got impatient and angry at her and yelled at her (I admit, I also yelled at my grandma, because Christie was being bossy and she knew it, but wasn't doing anything about it) and Christie raised her hand and was about to hit me. Now, I'm really intolerant of anybody hitting me, and I don't allow it from anyone, and I wasn't about to let Christie hit me. So I called her a bitch to her face. First time ever had I insulted one of my aunts/uncles. Of course, she snitched to my grandmother, who doesn't speak English that well and didn't understand what bitch meant, who chastised me and punished me. I called my mother that afternoon while we were eating a late lunch to tell her what had happened. Behind my grandmother's back, while Christie was coming out of the restaurant, she did the crazy sign, meaning that I was insane. And then when I told my mother that Christie had just called me crazy, my grandmother started telling my mom how I was a liar, that Christie did not call me crazy. And that ticked my mom off immensely, because my grandmother is always telling my mom what a liar she is. It's like, whatever comes out of Christie's mouth is the truth and that's the end of it. Grandmother didn't believe me, so I was cold to both Christie and my grandmother the rest of the trip. It got worse, though. Back at the condo, Christie told me I looked "disgusting" because I didn't feel like getting dressed even though we weren't going anywhere that day. I told in response to go to hell, and she replies, "I'll go when you do." Like WTF did she just say? 

If any of you sympathize with me or have an evil, vindictive family member like I do, I'd really appreciate it if you comment and share your story. It'd be nice to know I'm not the only one who feels isolated from their family. My uncles are not that much better, but I'll talk about them some other time. I may go see the Secret World of Arrietty today (lol, with my mom, but that's ok) and I'm actually excited! 


  1. Holy crap I hate your Grandmother. If someone hit me you don't understand I would destroy her!!!!!! If she ever hits you tear her face off!!!! I hate that.

    Just erase that part of your family. I had to do the same thing with a member of my family and we don't hear from her so it worked out nicely. It sucks that she's your mom's sister but my dad doesn't talk to my brother so it's really not that hard to get rid of her. I would if she treated not only me but my daughter like that.

    Hey you went to Florida (: I live there.

  2. My mom sort of clings onto her family, though. Although she denies it, I think she doesn't want to let them go. Plus, she doesn't want my little brother to be isolated from all his cousins, but she knows I wouldn't care if I never saw them again. She forces me to go to all the family lunches, reunions, etc, but once I'm 18, I am NEVER EVER going to them again. I only tolerate going because my grandparents take us out to nice places with good food. Yes, I feel ashamed that I'm only there for the food :/

    I try to take it easy on my grandma, though. She's old and tired all the time and in a lot of pain from multiple operations on her knees. I just hate the fact that Christie's her and my grandpa's favorite child and they can't see who she really is.

    Florida's awesome - I go to Miami every summer I don't go see my dad's family in Spain.

  3. I wouldn't feel ashamed by the way they treat you.

    Well your Grandma is old which means she shouldn't believe everything her daughter says. She should be more mature than that.

    Cool. Miami is the best. No one can drive but it's nice and hot and the beach is right there (:

  4. Yeah, I agree. It's like everything that comes out of Christie's mouth is fact and anyone who tries to contradict her or say she's lying is the immediate liar, because Christie would NEVER lie to her parents. It's like, seriously? Children have ALWAYS lied to their parents, even in the past.

    Miami is awesome :) I have a cousin who lives there and she's the only cousin my age so we get along really well. Everything stays open super late in Miami, especially in the summer. It's not like that in Houston. Stores close around 8 or 9, maybe 10.