Saturday, February 18, 2012

Hayao Miyazaki

Those of you who grew up in the mid to late 90's - early 2000's will know what I'm talking about, as well as those who are older than I am. Hayao Miyazaki is a genius. His films made my childhood, quite literally (well, his movies and the Disney movies, all on VHS, of course). Whenever a 2000's kid asks me what a VCR is, I want to punch them in the face. DVD didn't come out until I was like, seven or eight. By then I already had all the Disney films on VHS. Also - I bought The Help (the book) today! I plan on reading it HOPEFULLY this weekend, but if not, I will definitely start as soon as possible. The movie was fantastic - I'm sure the book will be, too, if not more amazing.

However, my topic today is Hayao Miyazaki. Although I've only seen three of his films - Castle in the Sky, Spirited Away, and Kiki's Delivery Service (and yes, I own all three), I have Howl's Moving Castle, although I haven't seen it yet - I probably should. I decided to bring up Hayao Miyazaki because the Secret World of Arrietty has just come out this weekend in theaters, and I want to see it very much, but because my friends are jerks who chose to go see it without me, I have no one to go see it with. I didn't get to see Ponyo when it came out into theaters - was it good? 

My favorite out of all three Miyazaki films I've seen was Castle in the Sky. I don't know why, but Sheeta was such a cutie and I adored Pazu for trying to protect her from the evil colonel whats-his-face and the rest of the military who are after her. When the two of them - along with Dola's pirate family - reach Laputa, it's so magical. Its emptiness (except for that one robot who stayed behind to look after Laputa) creates the ethereal quality of it. I can't imagine the guts it must have taken Sheeta to destroy Laputa in the end in order to save it from the hands of Muska (who wants to use it for his own personal gain). I love the song at the end of the movie - I listen to it on YouTube all the time! I wish iTunes had the soundtrack to this film - and the film itself. 

I also adored Spirited Away. Chihiro and Haku would make such a cute couple, but alas, their relationship was purely innocent, although it is implied that Haku had feelings for Chihiro, shown by his loving care and protection of her throughout the film, and the fact that he had saved her in the river (he's a river spirit of sorts) when she was younger makes it all the more romantic. 

Please comment on this post if any of you saw Miyazaki's films when you were younger or have seen them before in general! :) 

Also, although I don't write on FanFiction, I am reading this really good story based on Naruto (which I do not watch - despite what you may think considering I love Miyazaki films - I am not by any means a huge anime fan.) However, this story is really good. If you read it, you'll see what I mean - like Sakura Haruno, I could find myself curious about Sasuke's history + slightly - majorly - attracted to him (he's apparently gorgeous, which I suppose is typical for any god/goddess) + furious with him for abducting me from everything I'd ever known + extremely terrified of him all at the same time. How could someone have such conflicting feelings towards someone like this? I think I'd have some sort of emotional breakdown. 

Here's the link: 

FanFiction - Quietus

I probably will post again this weekend (thank God that Monday's a holiday! I LOVE long weekends) but if not, I hope everybody makes the most of this weekend, whether it's relaxing, partying, or simply hanging out with friends! 


  1. You have only seen three!!!!!!!!!! Castle in the Sky is supposed to be the sequel to Howl's Moving Castle which may I add is pure genius. I haven't watched Castle in the Sky though. Princess Mononoke is also a must see by him.

    Sasuke is not a god? Whaaaa? And you don't watch Naruto!! ):

    I'm done with Sasuke already. If you watched Naruto Shippuden you would know why...

  2. I know - I feel so ashamed! I've heard about Princess Mononoke - and I have to frantically search my media room now for Howl's Moving Castle - I'm sure it's somewhere!

    No - I don't watch Naruto. Perhaps Sasuke isn't a god but that's what he is in this story - hmm. That's funny. But wait, what's wrong with him? Tell me! :O

  3. You should. (;

    He is really cruel to Naruto. He almost kills him and walks away from it all to a path of evil! Then they go after him and it's like why? He doesn't care about you. He'll try to kill you any time he sees you.

  4. Yeah, he doesn't seem like a particularly kind person. In this story I'm reading, that's made obvious. In the FanFiction, he's like, the God of Death, and he is not very merciful. He'll kill anyone he doesn't like or someone who upsets him. But what did Naruto do to him? Was it just for no reason that Sasuke almost kills him? Or was it an accident?

  5. No. Naruto doesn't want to him to go with someone who'll make him evil. So he tries to stop him.