Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Last Day of Multimedia Class

I don't know if I'm right, but I think today is the last day of REAL Multimedia class. It's kind of bittersweet, even though this class drove me nuts. But I made a friend in this class, who's a senior, and she won't be here next year :( 
One thing that's also a HUGE bummer - I lost my voice. I don't know how, or why, I just know that I can't talk, so I have to lug around a little portable whiteboard with a marker and an eraser, and it's really annoying. Well, I can talk only in whispers, which really doesn't work - not at school, at least. I hope my voice comes back - it'll come in handy over the next few school days.

I am SO stressed with all the final projects/exams coming, all the little last minute stuff I have to do, like turning in textbooks, and turning in homework from days I was absent, etc. 
The final for this class is on Friday - I think I'll be doing the exam, as I have had it with projects. I was hoping I could do an extra credit poster, but I think I won't have time. There's a final project for another class that I haven't even started yet.

Well, I am off to put the finishing touches on my Dreamweaver project. 
This MAY be the last time I'll be blogging for Multimedia here, so it's a little sentimental, since I've been doing this all school year. I'm debating whether or not I'll keep up this blog for personal use...

Bye-bye! :) 

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