Sunday, May 1, 2011

Sick of iMovie

I know that technically, this is Sunday evening and I'm not at school, but I need to get some technology frustrations out on here. I have this biology project where we have to create a digital story on a virus (mine is Yellow fever) and I decided to do mine on iMovie. Yes, I procrastinated a little, but because I assumed that I would be able to do this project on iMovie easily, as I've never really had any problems with iMovie before. Let me just say this: I hate iMovie. So. Much. 
First, for some reason it gets really slow when you work on it a lot. It's never done that to me before. Second, I can't seem to get the words on my slides long enough without having the actual image be several seconds longer than the words. I got so frustrated with this program that after two hours working on it I decided that I didn't care if I got points taken off of anything, I was done with iMovie, and so I finished all the basics without going into too deep details and I quickly exported it into a Quicktime movie. And it is taking forever. 11 minutes. And the video is only a minute 20 seconds. It's a lot less than my bio teacher expected, but I seriously am sick of this program. 

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