Monday, March 21, 2011


A PSA, or public service announcement, is a type of advertisement featured on TV, radio, print, or other media. Unlike a standard advertisement, where the objective is to market a product, a PSAs goal is to benefit the public interest, by raising awareness of an issue, affecting public attitude and possibly stimulating action. 

Yes, some PSAs are more successful than others. I would believe that the stronger the effect a PSA has on a viewer or reader or listener, the more successful that PSA is. PSAs that prompt actions are definitely more successful than others that audiences may listen to and completely forget about within the hour. 

My next project in this class is to film/create a public service announcement. Of course, I'll be in a group, but that is the next project. I don't like to film, but maybe this will be fun. I'm thinking of what type of PSA I can do. There are thousands of options, so this might be a little difficult. 

I kind of have a group, we just need one more member, and hopefully someone who is taking a Spanish class like I am, because surprise, surprise - our PSA has to be in a different language. Make that double the difficulty. The point of this being in a different language is unclear. I don't understand why my teacher thinks this needs to be more difficult than it sort of already is by kicking the difficulty level up a notch. I'm not even that great at Spanish, and my partner isn't in a language class, which doesn't help, so most likely I will end up doing most of this project by myself, so the point of groups is unclear as well. I thought this was Multimedia class, not Spanish class..... 
Don't get the two confused - that's my opinion. One of our ideas for our PSA is animal abuse. 

I'm not even going to be sarcastic about being glad to be back at school. I just want this school year to be over - 52 days...

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  1. The purpose of using another language is not to grade the language itself. I won't be grading you based on how well you speak another language, as I don't speak any other language well enough myself. By creating a PSA in another language, it allows us to use a few more tools than we normally would. I'll go into more detail about this next time. Don't worry about you're ability to speak another language, it won't impact your grade.