Thursday, March 31, 2011


I'm not sure if we're filming, or if we're just going to put our voice into the video - I'd rather just use a microphone and record my voice than be in an actual video. 

I just got back from the filming session. We didn't film - we decided to just put our voices into the slideshow, because first, we didn't have an animal to "abuse", so there wasn't anything we could really do.
We also have to make a script - that will be pretty simple, except for the part where it has to be in Spanish.

I have three projects going on at the same time - one for choir that we have to present today - we'll have to sing a song in Swahili that we were supposed to make up...great. I don't even have it memorized, and I have to create a magazine by Tuesday for my world geography class. Joy. 

44 days :) 

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