Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Animal Cruelty Project

My group members & I are continuing with the public service announcement project. If we don't know how to say things for our project in Spanish, I wonder if it's okay to use Google Translate...
We're working on our storyboard, and soon we'll start filming. I don't want to film, but I'll probably be filmed because I'm the only one in my group who REALLY knows Spanish. The other two group members dropped out of their Spanish classes. We're going to rehearse first. There's also a collaboration rubric that we have to look at, and that's about how well we work in our groups. 

I like to work in groups sometimes, but most of the time I prefer to work alone because often, and I mean REALLY often, I get stuck with the people who refuse to do anything, and they take credit for MY work. I hate it. Or, which is even worse, when we get to pick our own groups, I'm with people I can work with, but then I'm moved to a group with people who don't want to do anything. 

46 days :) 
And yes, I'm only counting school days in this countdown, not weekends.

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