Friday, September 3, 2010

Self Evaluation

My post today is about evaluating my blog. 
I did my best on it, and it was actually fun to make my blog look cool and still meet most of the rubric requirements. 
Here's my evaluation of my blog based on the rubric. 

  • Template - I think I would get a 4 because I did change the layout, advanced settings and the background (I really like my background. It's so cute).
  • Design Tab: Gadgets - I think I would get a 3 on this because I did have an avatar but just one gadget
  • Settings Tab - I'd get a 4 on this because I changed the time zone and I made a description for my blog. I thought that I was supposed to write a description on the time-zone because that's what it said on the rubric but then my teacher explained to me that it means the blog, not the time-zone. Silly me. 
  • Protecting Your Identity - I'd probably get a 4 on this because I don't believe I posted anything to reveal my identity. I really hope not either, because I don't want someone to stalk me. 
  • Posting - I think I would get a 4 because I did comment on 5 posts (Guera's, Alaan79's, Phamalot's, Asian Leprechaun's, and D@%%Y P's blogs) and I have the links to those comments on my blog. I also have the computer hunt posted as a page. 
  • Blog Entries - I would get a 3 on this because I don't think I discussed what these computer skills could be used for. I think I did explain what improvements I could make. I'm not really sure about that though. 
  • Commenting - I would get a four...I think. I'm not sure, because I did hot-link the comments, but they are all spread out, not just in the second post. I don't understand why they have to be in the 2nd post. 
  • Professionalism - I would get a 4 on this because I did not have spelling/grammar errors, and my language is appropriate. I also avoided slang and technical jargon. It has a complimentary color scheme as well.
All in all, I would get a 30 out of a possible 32 points in my evaluation of my blog. I hope I will, too, because I worked a lot on my blog, at school and at home. It wasn't like it was torture setting up this blog, though. It was entertaining :) 
I'm proud of my work. 

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