Friday, September 24, 2010

Self Evaluation on Pages Project so far:)

I especially liked Pauly D's project because of the cover. It just grabs my attention. A lot of the other blogs I checked didn't have their project linked so I couldn't look at them. Asian Leprechaun had hers correctly linked also, and hers is great, but it needs more images. Also, the colors of her brochure don't match the design style. I wouldn't mind, but our multimedia teacher would :P 

Here are the links to my comments 

Asian Leprechaun Comment

Pauly D's Comment

Now, I'm supposed to self-evaluate the first part of my project using the rubric provided. I have a feeling I won't do as well as I hoped I would. 

Crossing fingers... 

General - I think I'd get a 2. I didn't use a header or a footer (I don't even know what those are!)
Cover - Probably a 4, because I did have a title and an image related to my country (England) and it is consistent with document's design style (which I only have a vague sense of what that means)
Table of Contents - A 4, because it is well organized, with accurate page #s, and it is consistent with the design style.
Work Log/Initial Design - Either a 2, 3 or 4. I'm not really sure, because I don't have an explanation of the designs, but my work log is consistent with the document's style.
Bibliography - A 4, because the document is consistent with the document's style. Citations are in proper MLA format and in alphabetical order (I think...)
Bibliography Citations - A 3, because even though I have more than 12 citations, they are in Noodle Tools, not the actual document. I was meaning to add my latest citations to the document, but too late for the actual rubric scoring.... :(
Professionalism - A 4. This is the easiest, EASIEST part. I hardly ever make spelling/grammar mistakes. 

Not as well as I hoped, but not too bad, either. Now I have to start on my brochure because it's due's not going to be easy, since I have no clue how to use the brochure format on Pages! Wish me luck! :) 

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