Wednesday, September 22, 2010

PDF Document

Today I had to upload my cover page, work log, table of contents and bibliography. I'm not NEARLY done with either the work log or the bibliography, but I was supposed to upload it anyway. I'm not sure why, but that was my assignment. I'm not going to complain more about it. 

Here is my cover page

Feel free to view my work and comment on this post with your thoughts on my work so far! :) 


  1. Your project's going really well! I think you should add some background color on the front page, though. The template I used was green, so I'm not entirely sure how to change the color scheme on that, but since you didn't use a template you can design it how you'd like it to be. Also, I love how clear your design was- mine came out all blurry and transparent.

  2. Looks like your getting alot done, but you can't use you full name online :/

    Drop this file and upload a new one asap :/