Tuesday, September 14, 2010


I did everything I was assigned to do for the class period which was to create a plan for my brochure/itinerary and take a picture with Photo Booth and fix the picture with Photoshop and upload it onto a new post. It wasn't too difficult after my friend Pauly D helped me using Photoshop since I had never used the program before. I believe I accomplished more than enough today.
Creating the itinerary took longer than the brochure because I went really in depth with it. I know exactly where I want to take someone in London and other places in England. The brochure was very simple and nothing like what I have in mind for the final product. The final product will be colorful and detailed. I just simply sketched out the main things I plan to have on the brochure. I'm not such a great drawer so it's not a good drawing.

Sorry if you can't see the brochure/itinerary clearly. The paper was sort of see through and I wrote as dark as I normally do but maybe it wasn't dark enough to see clearly. I was sort of too lazy to go over it in pen since I wrote a lot. If you have good eyes maybe you can :)

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