Wednesday, September 8, 2010

New Project

My Multimedia teacher assigned us a new project today. We're supposed to choose a country, and make an itinerary to that country to promote cultural understanding for teenagers.
I chose England, because I've been to five countries in Europe, England included, and it was one of my favorites (besides Italy, of course), and Italy was already taken when I had to choose my country, so I chose England. This project will be easier because I've already been there (I'm a whiz at English history - I had been obsessed with it for nearly 2 years) and I'd definitely go again. 
The trip I'd organize would take approx. 20 days, and it would focus on London, but of course I'd include Windsor Castle, Bath, Dover (to see the famous White Cliffs), Oxford, Manchester, and Eastbourne (I went to Eastbourne when I went to England with my mom and loved it) - Eastbourne isn't a city that you HAVE to go to while in England but it's definitely a nice city, and it's accessible to go to by train from London (the train ride duration would be a little more than an hour). I'd include Stonehenge in my itinerary, because it's something you HAVE to go to while in England. Also, in my itinerary I'd include a tour of Shakespeare's house in Stratford upon Avon. In London, we'd get from place to place by London Underground or double decker bus or the hop on/hop off bus, and maybe the tour group would have a luxury bus with a driver when we're going to places out of London. Some excursions out of London we'd go to by train, others by luxury bus.
In London, I'd include in my itinerary FOR SURE:

- British Museum
- London Eye
- Tour of Buckingham Palace
- Tower of London
- Westminster Abbey
- St. Paul's Cathedral
- As a fun day, I'd include the London Dungeons in my itinerary
- Boat tour 
- Night walk on 3 nights in London through the parks (for example, Hyde Park, Kensington Gardens, Green Park, St. James Park, etc)
- Spend an entire morning in Harrod's on Knightsbridge (you could spend FOREVER there)
- And more if possible 

I'm really excited for this project. I love to travel and it'd be fantastic to actually create an itinerary for somebody! :) 

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  1. Hope you don't hate me for choosing Italy ;)
    Always wanted to go to day, I'll totally visit. Maybe I'll follow your itinerary then :)