Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Pandora #2

I'm going to diverge a bit from my list of Pandora charms that I have. There are a couple of extremely rare Pandora charms I love, but anytime I find them, they exceed $500, sometimes even over $1,000 and I definitely do not have the money for that. I'd love to get my hands on each of them! 
Indsamling Gold Feather charm

1) Indsamling Gold Feather Charm - This is a charity charm that Denmark companies and Pandora released to benefit children in Africa. Released in early 2012, this charm fetches a pretty penny as it was only released in Denmark. Perlen was willing to ship out of the country, but it was a limited edition charm. It would be a wonderful addition to my gold charms bracelet! 

2) Royal True Love Charm - Released in 2008 to commemorate the wedding of Prince Joachim of Denmark to Marie Cavalier. This charm has two enamel red hearts with gold crowns, and on the back is their wedding date, 24/5 2008. There is a general version of this charm that is widely available, but it doesn't have the engraved wedding date. 

Royal True Love charm
Royal Denmark Cathedral Charm

3) Royal Denmark Cathedral Charm - Another charm that celebrates a royal wedding, between Prince Frederik of Denmark and Mary Donaldson. The charm is the shape of a church, and has a gold crown on the bottom and their wedding date, 14/5 2004. This charm is extremely rare, as only 1,000 were made. 

Pandora Cruise Charm 2013
4) Any of the Pandora Cruise Charm - One of my vows is to attend the Pandora cruise getaway, but until then, I have to simply covet the exclusive charms. Pandora makes as many charms as there are guests, so that could be less than 200! 

There are other charms I want, like the Staff Charm, but these are the top ones. 

Images credited to Charms Addict.

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