Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Kiran Hayes, The Fashionista

Kiran Hayes is a junior at Easton Academy. She's a model, having done ads for Abercrombie, for example. She has brownish-gold eyes, tanned skin, light brown hair and of course, good physique. She is the most glamorous of the four, and can transform anyone from drab to fab. She can be very condescending and shallow and very self-absorbed. Her popularity is important to her and is subject to peer pressure from the other Billings girls, particularly Noelle. 

I couldn't find anyone who really matched Kiran's appearance while looking 16-17 years old. At first, I thought of Kendall Jenner, but then I looked at Alexandra Chando as Sutton Mercer from the Lying Game. Sutton is kind of like Kiran in their bitchy attitude. Here are a few pictures! 

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