Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Pandora #1

I have A LOT of Pandora charms. It's an obsession, bordering on unhealthy. I've been buying the more rare and hard-to-find charms, which yanks more money out of my pockets. 

Anyway, I'm going to list my favorite charms, from first to last. I have a lot, so bear with me. 

The Christ Charm
1) The Christ Charm - A dainty little golden heart - made exclusively for Christ Jeweler's in Germany, and only 1,000 were made. I scooped this charm up on eBay for $250, and whenever one does become available on eBay, it goes for over $400. I got a deal on this one. 

2) The Star Dangle Charm - A little gold star that dangles. It's retired now, but is still kind of easy to find. I was expecting the star to be bigger, but I'm glad it's not. 

3) The "P" Charm - A charm in a global shape that has lots of P's on it, some in gold. My name starts with a P, so...you get the picture. 
Black Friday 2013 - Let it Snow

4) Let it Snow Charm - The 2013 Black Friday charm. I bought this one on Black Friday, and stocks were depleted at my Pandora concept store quickly. It's sparkly, the only sparkly charm I have from Pandora. The charm has sparkly snowflakes on it, and '2013' is engraved. It's very pretty. 

Black Friday 2011 - Midnight Hearts
5) Midnight Heart Charm - The 2011 Black Friday charm. I bought this one on eBay. It has three black enamel hearts and one gold heart with 2011 on it. 

6) The Bear Charm - This one was a Mother's Day 2013 charm, I think. It's still widely available, but I think it's just adorable. It's a silver bear that carries a gold heart. 

7) Star Charm - This is the most expensive non-retired charm I've bought, for $150. I got it for the free bracelet promo a couple of months ago. It doesn't have as much gold as I expected for such an expensive charm, but it's a nice charm. 

8) I Love to Travel Charm - This is an exclusive charm that can only be bought on certain airlines. I got mine on eBay though. It's a suitcase, with one side being I Love to Travel (Love is a red heart on the suitcase) and on the back is the continents. It's the perfect charm for my travel bracelet. 

9) Vintage Heart - This Mother's Day 2014 charm is really nice. It's an openworks heart with a smaller gold heart inside. 

10) Tree of Life Charm - A circular charm with silver and gold leaves on it. I fell in love with it and had to get it. 

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