Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Ariana Osgood, The Good Girl

Ariana Osgood is what you can call a Southern Belle, a wealthy girl from Georgia, with light blonde hair and ice blue eyes. She has an ethereal beauty. She's delicate and petite, too - Reed mentioned that if there was a gust of wind, Ariana would be blown away. She's quiet and bookish - she always has her nose in a book and is the editor of the school paper. She is a successful poet. Ariana is a senior and is Noelle's best friend. 

I imagine her as Taylor Swift or as Gabriella Wilde - but I think I'll stick with Gabriella Wilde and Gabriella Wilde has starred in teen films like Carrie (which is set at a high school) and Endless Love. Here are a few pictures, tell me if you think she'd be a good physical match for Ariana! 
Kiss and DON'T tell

Wispy as a flower

Perfect picture as Ariana is the editor of Easton's paper

Ariana's death'll get it when you read the books 
Detached, disheveled Ariana

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