Thursday, April 14, 2011


We're supposed to be playing around with Adobe Flash today, as that is our next project. However, I opened up Adobe Flash and it confuses me a lot. My Multimedia teacher warned us that it would be as complicated as Adobe Illustrator...great. I don't understand why the teacher likes to give us the complicated computer programs. I know, its a "challenge" and all, and its not like I'm expecting anything easy, but in my opinion, there's no reason to stress students that. It doesn't do me any good. Tutorials only help me to an extent. I'm good with following directions, but it's not something I enjoy doing. I'd rather not have to stick to any directions. Like I said, I'm really really REALLY bad with anything slightly artistic, even computer art. 

34 days till summer :) 
12 days till my book comes out! :) 


  1. my dear flash is very wonderful and easy to learn if you use the right can learn abc flash at this blog

  2. *Laughs*
    Random commenter is right.

  3. Shush, Phamalot. I honestly didn't think that anybody besides you and Mr. W reads my blog. It's surprising and a bit creepy. Besides, it's not like you're some expert at Flash. Flash could be easy if I were good with Adobe, which I'm not besides for Rome. If Photoshop didn't kill me, then Flash might.