Friday, November 12, 2010

Typography :)

Typography is what language looks like. It is the art and technique of type design. The arrangement of type is the selection of typefaces, point size, leading, kerning, and line length. 
The anatomy of a letterform consists of:
- Stem
- Descender
- Counter
- Serif
- X-height
- Baseline 
- And many more! 

Typography is most commonly used by graphic artists, typographers, and art directors.
A good typographer is someone who communicates a point of view with skill and imagination.

I think typography can affect me and other consumers when we're going to buy something. Say there's two comic books. One has amazing typography on the front while the other has boring regular type. Which would you buy? That's right - the one with amazing typography. It makes the book seem more interesting while the other one is like, whatever. The one with amazing typography MAKES you want to buy it. 
Big companies pay artists for typographic work because they know consumers would want to buy their product if it looks "cool." - this also goes for the comic book example. 
Yes, graffiti is typography, even if it is illegal. Graffiti oftentimes communicates a point of view with skill and imagination. 
I think typography is super cool. I also fell in love with typography, and the way words are designed. I love words in general, whereas pictures...I do not. I mean, I love looking at them, but not drawing them. I want to ask my World Geography teacher if I could stop drawing the images for specific terms because I'd go back and I wouldn't even recognize what I drew.


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