Monday, November 8, 2010

photoshop 2

 I had to change this again, but I don't think anybody I know besides the people in my Multimedia class will recognize me. I tried to change it more, but it wouldn't let me upload the new one. I don't know why. I'm just so tired and I have one Photoshop picture to do so I really don't want to have to change this one more. But see, I deleted it entirely after my "friend" told me it looked like me. I don't stalk your blog, I ask that you don't stalk mine. You know who you are.

 It doesn't matter - give me a bad grade, Multimedia teacher.


  1. It probably doesn't like the file format. We can look at it on wednesday. It'll be alright. Don't forget you can always ask for help.

  2. It could be that, but it's also that I can't make the Photobooth image NOT look like me.

    Photoshop doesn't like me, and the feeling is mutual.
    I beg you, fail me now.