Friday, February 25, 2011

Adobe Project Rome - Logos

So, today I worked with Adobe Project Rome, again. It's actually pretty fun. I like it, and the tutorials are not confusing to me, like the Photoshop tutorials were.
Today we had two assignments: Create a Logo, and make certificates for the winners of this weeks Talent Show - the Talent Show is tonight. I know mine won't get chosen, but I'll try anyway. 
Here is my logo assignment. Its not very good, and I didn't follow all of the steps, because something went wrong and I couldn't work with the glyph tool or whatever its called. 

I like my work, though, even though it may not be exactly what the teacher is looking for. Well, I'm going to go work on the certificates, and then I'll blog in a little bit. STAR is an imaginary company, and thats my logo for my imaginary company.

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