Monday, January 31, 2011

Substitute Work

We had a sub today, so basically all we did was a bunch of work. The plus side of this is that I get to postpone my presentation until Wednesday. 

The first assignment was to take the people that presented on Thursday's surveys. But see, I forgot who presented and I don't even know what their blogs are called or their URL. So I skipped to the second assignment, which was to identify input/output devices on a picture. 
Here are my results for this picture.

1. Computer Screen/Monitor - 
2. Keyboard - Input 
3. Mouse - Input
4. CD/DVD drive - Input & Output
5. Headphones - Output
6. Flash drive - Input/Output
7. Projector - Output
8. Printer - Output
9. Wireless Internet/Hub - Input
10. Activote - Input
11. Activboard Pen - Input

The third assignment will be in the following post. 

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