Tuesday, January 25, 2011

So, as you can see, my survey is completed and properly embedded into my blog. I know I was ranting a bit in my last post, and I'm sorry about that. 
Nevertheless, I still hate Google Forms just the same as before I got some help with embedding. I was doing it wrong the entire time! 
Silly me. 
Today, I will learn how to set up the projector, or something like that. It better be simple, otherwise I will freak and spontaneously combust...just kidding. No, I'll be fine. Except I'm really bad with technology equipment. Some people think I'm good at almost everything, but that's far from true. 
For example - I'm bad at BIOLOGY. I hate that class with a passion. I think it hates me, too. I dislike doing things that involve my hands, such as building and art. I am not good at either. Many people can testify to the horrible "art" I make. 
I will present my Keynote presentation, but to who, I have no clue. Maybe to the senior who sits next to me. 
I'll update here towards the end of class. :) 

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