Monday, August 30, 2010

Creating the Blog

Today I created this blog. I had to make my school email account, which wasn't too difficult, and create my blog, which wasn't so difficult either except the part where you had to create a URL for the blog was a little confusing. My URL is think. I was a little upset that we couldn't use our personal email accounts but it's not a big deal. I just don't understand why we're not allowed to use our personal e-mail accounts at school anymore.
I used both Voki and Meez, but I ended up saving my avatar for the Meez because the graphics were better and I just really liked my avatar on the Meez. They didn't have the dress I adored on Voki so I just used the avatar I created on Meez. 
Creating the avatar for my blog was the fun part. I like to create avatars. It's fun for me. Even though my avatar doesn't officially have a name, if she was real, I would imagine her name to be Catherine or Sarah. Neither of those are my real name, although I'd like them to be. I think they are pretty names.
It was sort of confusing to copy the avatar from Meez to Blogger. But my Multimedia teacher helped me so it was okay. One thing I found unnecessary was that we had to give our cell phone numbers. I don't want some person I don't know to have my cell phone number...I find that kind of creepy.
I customized my blog, today, September 1st. I changed my background to the panda bear background. In my opinion, the pandas are cute. I also customized...pretty much everything. I didn't like the all white text, so I changed the colors. It was hard to find a color to use on the blog description (under the blog title) because every color didn't show up or didn't look good with the background. 
Overall,  creating this blog was not too hard to do. Surprisingly, I'm excited about this blog. I'm hoping that it'll be fun.
Just click the link below to see my comment on the Asian Leprechaun's blog-post. 
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  1. i created my blog the same day as yours! :) well actually you were probably faster than me but at least i still got to finish it.