Monday, August 30, 2010

Computer Hunt

Last week, August 26th, I was instructed to do a computer hunt as a class assignment by my Multimedia teacher. 
There were at least 15 questions.
We had this Multimedia survey that we did in class, and one of the questions on it was if we knew what Stock Photography was. I didn't know, and I guessed, and I probably got it wrong, but the correct answer was a supply of images allowed for use in publishing and other projects. I was surprised that a lot of people got the answer right. I'm not really sure why I was surprised at that, but I just was.

The hunt was fairly easy, and I completed it in no longer than half an hour. I can't say it was fun because then I would be lying, but it was not super-boring, either. I learned that you use the application Keynote to create presentations. It is sort of like Microsoft Powerpoint but more advanced and I have to say, more cool. I also learned how to take a screen shot on a Mac (Command, Shift, 3), but the majority of the questions on the computer hunt I already knew because my grandfather has a Mac and I play around on it. Most of the questions you could just find without using the Internet but for those questions that I didn't know and couldn't find without going onto Safari to find them I'd use Google. Google is an amazing tool. It's even in the dictionary now. I think...

My Comment on Phamalot's post


  1. Heh, probably is. Wow, you posted the questions >_< PC's for the win, though.
    Everyone come check out mah blogz!

  2. I also thought that the Computer Hunt wasn't very fun.

  3. I also thought the Computer Hunt was easy. I also didn't take very long to finish my computer hunt. I did learn some new things on the computer also. And yes, google is amazing. (;

  4. Yeah it was kind of fun at the end i couldnt find the 2 question on the survey but yeah i finnaly did.