Friday, May 11, 2012

It's Finally Over!

I have never been so glad after a week of school as I am right now. AP testing is over! Although I didn't have the strength to deactivate my Facebook after all, I was surprised to find out that FB didn't distract me as much as I had thought it would when I began to study. According to College Board, I'm not allow to talk about any of the exams, but I just thought I'd let you all know that it wasn't as horrible as I thought it'd be. 

The exception to this was the Spanish AP exam. As my teacher did not prepare our class enough for the oral part of the exam, not surprisingly, that was the most difficult part for me and several of my peers who took the exam. Needless to say the entire test was a nightmare. I expect a 3 on this exam, as the three other parts weren't so difficult for me (the reading part being the easiest for me). 

On Thursday, I had an end-of-course field test in chemistry that I had to take for the district, and let me just inform you all that I HATE chemistry. I think I wouldn't hate it if I had a different teacher, but because my teacher in chemistry doesn't teach my class ANYTHING (basically, it's an independent study class - you learn on your own or you fail) and I guessed on about 25% of the test because we 1) didn't learn the material or 2) it came from the first semester and I had forgotten about the concept. Thankfully, the scores don't really count for anything besides a reflection of the school (and the teacher) and honestly, I'd be glad to see those scores reflect on my teacher (maybe my principal will FINALLY see that it is the teacher's fault that nobody learns, not the students' fault).

The only test that I kind of enjoyed was the AP US History test, which I took today. I am so glad that my practice tests were much more difficult than the real thing. Although there were some questions that I was iffy about, it all went pretty well. I felt strongest in the writing portion. I'm not allowed to talk about the content of the test (but it should be on College Board in about two days if you guys are really curious) but I'm definitely expecting a 4, HOPEFULLY a 5. I'd throw a party if I got a 5. 

Only 3 more weeks until school is over! Counting down the days! :) 

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