Thursday, March 15, 2012

The Pillars of the Earth

I know it's been awhile since my last post, but I'm back! It is spring break here where I live, and that means relaxing & spending time with my amigos! I am saddened by the fact that spring break is practically over, but besides Sunday (which is the designated homework day) there is still more fun to be had! 

And the topic of fun is my point in this post. I introduced my best friend tonight to, in my opinion, a fabulous television show that aired on the Starz channel July of 2010, and it is called The Pillars of the Earth, based on the book by Ken Follett, which I have not read (I own it, though, but if you see the size of that thing, you'll know what I mean.) Usually I'm not deterred by the size of books, but these days, I've just had no time for enjoyable reading. And yes, she's hooked onto the show, too, just like Game of Thrones. I am praying to God that Season 2 will meet my high expectations, or even exceed them. I will be sorely disappointed if Season Two doesn't meet the standard that Season 1 did. April 1st cannot get here fast enough, it seems! 

The show, however is quite entertaining, no matter how slow it may be at times. The subplots and all the little schemes going on never cease to amaze me. The church is corrupt, the kingdom is corrupt, is there anything that's pure and good in 12th century England? 

Actually, there is, and they are Jack and his mother, Ellen, Tom Builder, Prior Philip, and Aliena of Shiring. Philip is a prior in the fictional town of Kingsbridge. Ellen is a supposed witch wanted by the church, and Jack is her shy but talented son. His talent comes in the form of sculpture. Tom Builder is a master builder desperately in need of work to support his pregnant wife and two children, Alfred & Martha. Ellen, Jack & Tom's family meet in the woods when Martha is attacked by a thief and is injured. Ellen offers to cure her, and the family stays with them briefly, before Alfred convinces his parents that Ellen is a witch. The family leaves, but Agnes, Tom's wife, gives birth during the winter night. Coincidentally, Princess Maud, the King's daughter, also gives birth to a son that same night. Agnes dies that night, but the family cannot support the newborn, so they abandon him next to Agnes' grave. The thief who had previously attacked Martha takes the baby from the grave to the priory to raise him. Tom, realizing he cannot leave his son to die in the forest, runs back to fetch, but it is too late. The baby is gone. The King is poisoned that night at a feast, leaving his legitimate heir, Maud, the crown. However, her cousin, Stephen, has usurped the throne, and Maud is determined to win the crown back, not for herself, but for her son. 

The series spans 8 episodes, 1 hour long each, but it is totally worth it, so go watch! 

Another novel I want to read is Fifty Shades of Grey, by E.L. James. It's a BDSM novel, of a graphic nature, but I'm a sucker for any type of romance. This novel appears to be a bit similar to Twilight, except it's rated X. The protagonist, Anastasia Steele, is an innocent college girl from Washington, and the romantic interest is a wealthy, dark, mysterious man by the name of Christian Grey. It comes out in paperback on April 3, and I very much want to read it. 

I still haven't read The Help, or Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children, nor have I finished Pretty Little Secrets, so it looks like I have a lot of reading to do this summer! 

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