Sunday, January 22, 2012

Last Straw

He did it again. He ditched me again! 

I mean, yes, Patrick & I are kind of not talking right now, but I believe he did this just to spite me. It's in his nature to take revenge. 

He and my other best friend decided to hang out, have a mini-party and not invite me, apparently. I mean, I suppose it's my other friend Jessica's fault as well (because she's always telling me she never has time to hang out with me but when she does have time she doesn't invite me to her mini-party) but Patrick KNOWS that ditching me makes me angry. I was already a bit annoyed with him (just annoyed, not upset), so why make me even more pissed off at him? 

This is the last straw. This has happened over and over and over again and he STILL DOESN'T GET IT. It makes me so pissed off and honestly, I couldn't care less if we weren't friends anymore. All he does is hurt me and I am just freaking sick of it. 

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Pretty Little Secrets - Aria's and Emily's POVs

So, I finished Emily Fields' and Aria Montgomery's POVs this week!! Last one to go is Spencer Hastings! :) 


EMILY FIELDS -  I usually don't like Emily's POVs. I always find them the most boring. I find Emily really clingy to Ali DiLaurentis and she seems needy to me. Anyway, I actually liked her POV in this book. Emily's mother's baby Jesus porcelain doll or whatever is stolen from their church by a group known as the "Merry Elves." Emily's mother's friend Mrs. Meriweather suspects that the four elves that work in Santa Land at the local mall are behind the missing Christmas decorations and she is in charge of Santa Land, so Emily is offered a job as the new Santa while her undercover mission is to catch the four elves and catch them in the act. Emily, although reluctantly, takes up the offer. The four girls - Cassie, Lola, Heather & Sophie - are intimidating girls who have problems of their own with their families (or so Emily discovers later on). With time, Emily wiggles her way into the group and makes new friends out of these girls. Emily's longed for a group of best friends ever since Alison disappeared and she, Aria, Spencer & Hanna broke apart. However, Emily finds out that the girls are in fact, the Merry Elves stealing Christmas decorations from people's homes. They invite her on a mission to steal all the ornaments and presents from the Christmas tree at the local country club. Emily joins in the theft, but doesn't tell her mother. The girls get caught by Mrs. Fields and Mrs. Meriweather and Emily is let off free while the girls are arrested. Although Emily took no part in her mom's sting operation she feels bad for getting them caught (Emily's mom had tracked her new iPhone). Emily blackmails a police officer to let them go, and the girls go visit Emily the next day and thank her for setting them free. 

ARIA MONTGOMERY - Oh my goodness. Aria's my favorite PLL, but what she did in this book was so amazingly stupid I have no other words to describe her actions. So, Aria and her brother, Mike, go to a hotel to celebrate the Winter Solstice with their dad (they don't celebrate Christmas, but the Winter Solstice). Aria is happy to spend some time with her dad without his girlfriend Meredith around. However, once they arrive at the hotel, Meredith is waiting for them. Upset, Aria decides to go back to Rosewood. Once at her mom's house, her old boyfriend from Iceland, Hallbjorn, visits her and needs a place to stay for a few nights. Aria decides to let him stay, and in just a day or two they rekindle their romance. Hallbjorn is fiercely protective of the environment and of animal rights and protection. However, he is wanted in Iceland because he was protesting against the demolition or something of a wildlife park, so he fled to the U.S. To forever extend his student visa, she, on the spot, ASKS HIM TO MARRY HER. Is she insane?! Who wants to get married at 17?! He agrees, they go to Atlantic City, book a pricey hotel room, and basically, they get married with like, strippers as their witnesses. The night before the wedding, Aria & Hallbjorn had seen a show that used snow leopards - and guess what? Hallbjorn is against the performers using the leopards the way they do. He wants to set them free (alright, the leopards do live in awful conditions and I'd want to do something about it, but set them free in Atlantic City? He's crazy.) The morning after their wedding, he sneaks out of their room and sets the leopards free. He took his suitcase with him, meaning he's not coming back. He used her and he abandoned her. She annuls their marriage and he gets caught & arrested. And guess what? Apparently, Hallbjorn is wanted in Iceland not for protesting, but for trying to blow up an office building that wanted to demolish the wildlife park. No one finds out about her little marriage (except for A, that is).  Aria's judgement was not very wise here. Anyone else agree? 

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Thrown into the Deep End

She did it again! And if you've read my earlier post about AP Spanish, you'll know what I mean. Except, however, the only difference was that this time it was a 2 minute oral presentation instead of a written essay. 

This method of learning is what my Spanish teacher calls "throwing you off the deep end and hoping you swim." - So kind, isn't she? 

Anyway, it wasn't too bad. I made a 95 on the oral essay and a 92 on the written essay (the one I was complaining about earlier.) 

Monday, January 16, 2012

Done with Along for the Ride

As of last night, I have completed Along for the Ride. The book was good, but I feel like the ending was a bit...rushed. I ended up liking her mom more after she came to Colby to check on Auden, and how Auden's mom agreed to take care of Thisbe while Auden went to the Beach Bash. 

I could never come to like her father, though. Always such a quitter. He just doesn't get back onto the bike when he crashes and falls. He'd probably even just get off the bike if there was even a possibility of a crash. Auden's quest with Eli was the highlight. I love reading Eli's and Auden's nights together, and also the conversations between Auden, Maggie, Leah and Esther. They are great friends. And Heidi...well, there's more than meets the eye to her. I thought Heidi would be a blonde bimbo airhead, but she wasn't in the slightest. She's a businesswoman with a passion for clothes and pink. Same with Maggie. I never would have imagined Maggie to be as intelligent as she was - at least as smart as Auden, so, like Auden, I was surprised when Maggie said she was going to Defriese, just like Auden. 

And Jason...ugh, what a jerk! He needs to get a life. I wanted to punch him when he backed out of prom the second time around. He's way too focused on academics. He's really going to regret that he didn't get out more when he was younger. Auden has so much patience and self-control. If a guy did that to me, I'd explode. much as I liked Eli, I felt like he didn't make much of an effort to be with Auden - she made a huge effort to get back with him, when really, she didn't really do anything. She just wanted a break, to focus on her studies a bit. It made me sad that he was going to retire from biking. 

All in all, I'd give this book 3.5/5 stars - I would give it more stars, but I just couldn't compare myself to Auden, which is why I like to read books in the first place. Plus, the book started slow (which I hate) and it took too long to get to where she meets Eli. Everything else before that seems sort of unnecessary, considering that Along for the Ride is a romance novel. 

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Too Much Stress

This is my last post for today, but I need to let it all out. 

It was the first day back from winter break on January 4th, and all of my Asian friends and I were talking, and somehow our conversation got to school, which was inevitable since we all live for the purpose of being excellent in school and going to some Ivy League school (well, that's their aspiration) and then becoming a surgeon or a pediatrician or a lawyer or some ultimate money-making career - and they were all talking about how they've already looked for scholarships and found some and applied, and how they've already bought the College Board book and are already studying for the SATs next year, and how much volunteer work they've done (I mean, I'm in NHS so I've also done volunteer work, but not as much as they have) and how their parents have connections to the good universities, which I don't have. I haven't done what they have, and so I got really stressed out, and at night, I just...started crying. I've always been one to over-stress, but it never really got this bad. 

Am I stressing too much over this? Should I be doing all the things they're doing? I know it's never too early to look for scholarships, and it doesn't hurt, either, but is it a priority to start looking now? 

AP Spanish

This is my last rant for today, promise:) Just stay with me through this.  

So, after IIW (if you read my previous posts, you'll know what IIW is), we have our real classes. This last Thursday was my first real class of AP Spanish this semester. And guess what our lovely teacher surprises us with? A formal essay. Woohoo! ....not. 

Without any prior practice, with some very basic instructions, we are forced to write a 300 word max formal essay using two written sources and one audio source - which I did not understand because they were talking too fast (and I do speak Spanish, just not that fast, nor am I accustomed to listening to such fast Spanish) - some of my peers in that class believed the audio source was actually instructions for our essay and they didn't realize it until it was too late, so they couldn't take notes to use for the essay (we are supposed to reference the three sources in the paper) 

We had 45 minutes to complete this essay, and it was for a TEST GRADE. I wouldn't have minded too much if it was just a practice, and then the next time it would be for a real test grade. And guess what? We have to do an essay in class like this every two weeks! Fun, fun, fun! :( 

I believe I just sat there in my seat for 5 minutes on the verge of tears because I had no idea what to write about. The two written sources were barely comprehensible, with unfamiliar complicated words. My essay - sloppy, horrible in my opinion (even for a first try at writing an essay in Spanish), and most likely a C at best. It will be a miracle to receive a B, much much less an A. I'm one of those kids who constantly stresses over grades and is one of the remaining competitors for top 10 in our class, so this was not good. What a perfect way to start off the semester...

Welcome back to AP Spanish, Paola. Not. So not thankful to my Spanish teacher for that wake-up call. Could have done fine without it. 

And at the end of the class, when the teacher asked us if writing this essay was difficult, guess who shot their hand up into the air first? 

Food Bank Friend

So, as much as I hate to talk about somebody behind their back, I just have to rant about one of my friends here. He doesn't read blogs anyway, and I know this because he doesn't even read real books, much less a blog - not that I'm worried he'll find out I talked about him on here or anything. This guy is the same friend who told me he'd get back to me about the Food Bank, and never did. And yes, it's safe to come to the conclusion that I hold grudges when you read this blog post. 

Let's call this friend of mine Patrick. He's 16, my age. This is his social life: he goes to the mall EVERY WEEKEND. Friday, Saturday, and Sunday if possible. His mom has to give him at least $20 every time (and yet, he wonders why he can't travel on vacations like other people can - if he didn't spend $60 every weekend, maybe he could go travel), and drive him there and pick him up. He lives close-ish. The mall's across the freeway from his house. Plus, his mom does so much for him, and yet he treats her like shit. Whenever she picks me up from my house to go somewhere and she tries to talk to me, he yells at her to shut up. If she comes over to my house to pick him up early, he yells at her to leave. She showed up at our school to see him in the choir concert, and he pretended he didn't know her. How rude to treat a mother that way, right? 

That's not all. Patrick, two other friends and I were going to go celebrate the last day of freshman year at a fancy restaurant. We had made these plans a couple of months before the last day of 9th grade. A week or so before the last day of freshman year, Patrick tells me that he, Brian and Cassie were invited to a party on the same day as our celebratory dinner, and that they'd most likely go to the party. I was not invited to this party. As is expected, I got a little pissed off. So, we made a compromise - the party was supposed to start at around noon, since that was the time we got off from school on the last day - they'd go to the party until 5, and then we'd go to our dinner. Everybody agreed to this compromise. So, on the last day, I'd practically starved myself because this was a fancy, expensive restaurant where an average meal was like, $60, and I didn't want to just not be hungry when we went. It was 4:30 - I was supposed to pick them up at 4:45. I had showered and was already dressed, and was about to leave to pick them up. I get a text from Patrick, saying they refused to leave the party, that they didn't want to go anymore. Of course, this REALLY pissed me off, because we'd all agreed to this. We could've gone later, but we would have had an 1 hour + wait and I was really really hungry and I knew they'd been given pizza or something at the party, so I didn't go and be the only one eating, you know? And Cassie and Bryan are the kind of couple who start making out the minute we have to wait for anything. How embarrassing would it be to go to a fancy restaurant and have to wait next to friends who are groping each other nonstop? Plus,  I couldn't go another day because I was going out of town two days later - and anyway, going another day is besides the point. Our plans were for June 2, not the 3rd, not the 8th, or any other day. And they didn't even apologize! I think that's what angered me the most - that they didn't have the decency to at least apologize or try to make plans for another day - they were just like, well, if you don't want to go eat with us, we'll just go somewhere without you. 

That had just been the second time Patrick had ditched me (I didn't really care much about Cassie & Bryan because we weren't as close). The first was when he'd gone to the movies to see a movie that I'd really wanted to see without me, in revenge for me going to see a movie with another friend (but I'd promised I'd make it up to him) Since then, he's hung out with my other friends without me numerous times. 

Then, in September or October, I'd ranted to him a little bit about what a gossip our friend Hannah was. I didn't say anything mean, just how it bothered me how she'd gossip about everybody, even friends, behind their backs and worse. How she'd whisper secrets in Patrick's ear and when I asked what were they talking about, they'd just say "long story". Yet, Hannah always wants to know all of my secrets. He was the only one I ranted to. At his birthday party, Hannah made a really snide comment to me, and I walked a little farther away to call my mom about it - she had wanted to know right away if Hannah did anything mean. Patrick and Hannah had confronted me together to know who I was talking to. I said "none of their business." After that, Hannah stopped talking to me completely, and would give me these really dirty looks whenever I walked by. She turned all my friends against me and made it so bad that I had to sit somewhere else at lunch. I knew Patrick had told her what I'd said. He has a big mouth, always had. I shouldn't have ranted to him. 

There's a lot more than that, but I won't say any more about Patrick. I just needed to get that out of my system once and for all. I hope you don't judge me too harshly over this - besides, I'm not talking bad about him, just what he's done to me in the past. It's not the same as talking smack about someone, right? Except for that first part about him & his mom. But it's the simple, plain truth. 

So, the question is, what should I do about Patrick? Ditch him or keep him? 

Football/Golden Globes

I have gotten pretty far into Along for the Ride, which is why I have been sadly neglecting PLS. BUT, once I'm done with Along for the Ride I'll definitely attempt to focus on PLS. Needless to say, Along for the Ride got much better once you really got into it. I really don't like Auden's mom, or Hollis's fiancee, Laura. I can't imagine someone like Hollis working at bank. It's Unacceptable. I don't think it'll work out for them. Hollis is going to realize that Laura is just trying to make him be someone he isn't, and he's gonna dump her. My friend Lauren has all the Sarah Dessen books, and she's offered to let me borrow them if I want to read them. I may just take that offer.

Now, I'm not a football fan in the slightest (don't hate me), but who thinks the Patriots are going to win? Everybody I know is rooting for the Patriots now that our home team has lost. We've gotten onto the Patriots bandwagon. 

I am not watching the Golden Globes right now (the only awards shows I watch are the Oscars - awfully boring, but a must - and the Grammys, which are more entertaining), but I am keeping up with who's winning what, and I will be VERY upset if Game of Thrones doesn't win Best Drama or if Peter Dinklage doesn't win for his portrayal of Tyrion Lannister. My wrath will have no end. That's how angry I will be. I will be even more angry if something stupid wins an award instead. 

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Don't you hate it when....? #1

Is it just me, or do you get really annoyed when somebody tells you they'll get back to you when you ask them about something important, and they don't? 

It just...irks me. I feel like I'm the only one who gets back to people when they ask me for something important or help or something. Maybe I should stop. 

So today, my friend from school and I decided that we'd volunteer at our local Food Bank, and I told him to let his mom know that my mom could take us there if she would bring me back home, and I needed to know if she'd agreed on this because I needed to fill out the sign-up sheet for next Friday (it's due at least a few days in advance). 

I guess it's because he's a boy, and boys have short attention spans (at least the ones I know do) and apparently, they also have short term memory loss when it's convenient. 

I may make more of these don't you hate when blog posts, as an occasional rant thing. Everybody has those days where they just want to go on an endless rant about everything wrong with their life, but I'll make it short for you readers :) 

I have to go bug him again about the Food Bank, so buh-bye! :) 

Along for the Ride

As of a few days ago, for my English class Silent Sustained Reading* (or SSR, as I may refer to it in the future) I am reading Along for the Ride by Sarah Dessen. It's a charming book, but to be honest, it's hard for me to relate to Auden West. Yes, I'm smart like her, and I get lonely sometimes because I don't have too many close friends, but I've never really remembered a time when I embraced loneliness like she does. She's quite the loner, and quite person. I can't imagine having a mom like hers, either. Yes, Dr. West is cool, but she's just too serious. She puts a lot of pressure on Auden to be...for lack of a better word, perfect. I'm only on chapter 7, and Hollis seems cool but really irresponsible. I'd be a bit annoyed to have a careless brother like him. I get really annoyed at her dad because of his selfishness and I really like Heidi for some reason. I guess I'm a little like her - I talk too much and I worry too much. Auden's just so...serious. She doesn't really fit in with the world. Plus her insomnia is really weird, I would DIE if I couldn't sleep. I bet it isn't very healthy for her, either. I must admit I like the name Auden but Thisbe? Seriously? Just because you have a literary name doesn't mean you're going to be an academic miracle. Her friends (well, I'm not at the friends stage yet but it's getting there) are the typical teen beach-goers - Maggie, Leah & Esther.

And Eli...oh, I could imagine myself falling for a dark, mysterious person with horrible experiences in his past. Like Auden, I just want to know more about this Eli Stock. 

I will post more about this book once I'm at a good stage to do so, with A LOT more information so I can compile it all into one post, but I am STILL reading Pretty Little Secrets, so don't fret! I am going to start Emily's POV this afternoon but I'll wait till I'm done with her to blog about it. 

Also, after PLS I will be reading Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children. I've heard good reviews and bad reviews. So all of you people reading my blog who have read it - is it worth my time? 

After Miss Peregrine's (blah blah blah), I will either be reading The Help or The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. I've watched the Help and it was AMAZING, and I've watched the Swedish version of the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, and it was very fascinating, although quite graphic. Is the American version as good as the Swedish? I plan on waiting until it comes out on DVD to watch it because I'm under 18 and I have no adult to watch it with. I haven't read any reviews of the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo so those who read this, I'd greatly appreciate if you'd give a quick review to me :) 

Which book should I read first? The Help or the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (and if I like the first book, then there's no way I can't read the 2nd and 3rd too) . 

*SSR is this thing we do in English class where we read for 20 or so minutes and then we record how many pages we read and write a quick 3-5 sentence summary of what we read. 

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Jenna Marbles - What Disney Movies Have Taught Me

**Completely unrelated to books** 

So, all of you teenagers out there reading this blog, at least those from the U.S, should know about Jenna Marbles, the youtuber. Sure, she can be kind of annoying sometimes, but you gotta admit, she's actually pretty funny. 

One of my favorite videos of hers (besides the What Girls wear to the airport and the Justin Bieber impersonation) is the one where she talks about what Disney movies have taught her, because - it's TRUE! Like no joke. It's hilarious how Disney films have been pretty inappropriate, just the little things, all by themselves, although I'd never have noticed it as a kid in a million years. 

For example: 
- Snow White lived with seven men (according to her, they were "friends" - yeah right, Snow White, you're not fooling us.) 
- Princess Jasmine had a SECRET, FORBIDDEN relationship with a dirty homeless boy - not to mention Aladdin's a thief?? Great example for kids! I mean, there's nothing wrong with anyone dating someone who's homeless, but a thief? I don't think my parents would approve of that... 
- Robin Hood? Also a thief. 
- Pinocchio = liar. 
- Tarzan walked around practically naked.......
- A complete stranger kissed Princess Aurora in Sleeping Beauty and then she married him - my parents would NOT approve of me marrying a stranger. 
- Cinderella lied to her stepmother and then snuck out to go to a party, and THEN came home after midnight! What a naughty girl. 
- Mulan, although certainly the most courageous out of all Disney women, did leave home without permission and pretended to be somebody she wasn't - although it was all for a good cause I suppose? 
- And Belle? Does everybody ignore the fact that she technically engaged in bestiality? But then again, she was SUPPOSED to fall in love with him...

I agree with Jenna on everything she said. Here's the link to her Youtube video: 

Jenna Marbles - What Disney Movies Taught Me

 Random question but any teens out there remember watching your Disney movies as a kid on VCR? Oh, those were the days...before AP classes and endless amounts of homework, and endless amounts of unnecessary drama as well... 

By the way, I've finished my Pretty Little Secrets in Hanna's POV! Check it out if you're interested in the PLL series! 

Game of Thrones - Characters I despise :P

My least favorite characters are:

Joffrey Baratheon - I have three words to describe the despicable Joffrey Baratheon, the so-called "boy king" - psychotic spoiled brat. I don't think I've ever hated a child in another novel as much as I hated thirteen (or is he fourteen?) year old Joffrey. He is a messed-up child. Even the circumstances of his birth are messed up (I won't spoil that part, that's for you guys to find out.) Pretending to like Sansa Stark even though he actually doesn't care a thing for her, he's just doing what his mother told him to do, and that was to be nice to Sansa (well, according to the HBO series, that is.) Not to mention he's a liar. Blaming Arya and Micah for what happened in the Riverlands? That made me so angry, especially when Micah and Lady, Sansa's direwolf, are killed because of his pretentious lies. Although, I was happy when in the HBO series, King Robert publicly humiliates Joffrey for letting Arya defeat him at swordfighting and throwing his sword into the river. I forgot if that happened in the book. But as many of you will agree, I hated Joffrey the most when he ordered Ned Stark's execution after he confessed his crimes and after he promised Sansa he would spare her father. I wanted to rip his head off when he showed Sansa her father's head on a spike, and when he told her that he had promised her a quick clean death for her father, not total mercy. As much as I don't like Sansa, I felt really bad for her then. I hope Joffrey dies a horrible death.

Cersei Lannister - Although I must admit that Cersei is a clever woman, she uses her cleverness to manipulate others, including her brother Jaime, with whom she cheats on her husband, King Robert Baratheon, with. How much worse can you get? As much as I don't like when a husband hits his wife, I think Cersei really deserved that slap from Robert (this was when Ned was recovering from Jaime's attack). She cares about her children, I'll give her that, but she has way too much ambition for her own good. She's going to end up in trouble one day. I admit, if I was in her place and had committed such a terrible crime, I'd try to shut up anybody who even showed the slightest hint at revealing it. However, I wouldn't go so far as to imprison him. That would be my last option. But with Ned, I suppose no negotiation would have been possible when it comes to right and wrong. I was so angry when Cersei cleared the way for Joffrey to be king when Robert died. As much as I'm sure I'll dislike Stannis, anybody is better than crazy Joffrey.

Jaime Lannister - I'm sure there's more to his side of the story, but killing a king you were sworn to protect? NOT COOL. The only reason I don't completely condemn him to my list of MOST hated characters is because he's protective of his brother Tyrion, and has some compassion for him, unlike his manipulative sister Cersei. I admire that he fights well, that he's the best, and I'm sure I'll do anything to protect my brother if my brother was being held captive by somebody, but attacking Ned out in the streets of King's Landing was a bit impulsive and just too much. Of course there will be consequences for that, as the Starks and Lannisters are not friendly towards each other in any way. I was happy when Jaime was captured by Robb Stark, but I'm afraid I don't expect Jaime to survive by the end of this series, for some reason. It's just an intuitive feeling, I guess.

Petyr Baelish (A.K.A. Littlefinger) - Yes, I was given spoilers for this particular character, but I never liked him from the beginning. His intentions weren't genuine. He seemed to be behind a lot of the bad stuff that happens to Ned and to other characters. I never truly believed he cared about Catelyn Stark deeply enough, because if he had, why would he hurt her by setting Ned up for his downfall? If I'd loved someone very much, I would want them to be happy no matter what. I'd care about their happiness more than my own. 

Varys (A.K.A. the Spider) - Like Littlefinger, Varys' intentions don't seem too genuine. He claims he's acting for the good of the realm, but it doesn't seem that way to me. He knows a lot of secrets, which can never be too good to have. He seems to be playing on the side of Daenerys and of King Robert's - how can you be on two sides at once? You have to pick one side or the other, right? Plus, it seems to me that he feels...underappreciated....that can't be good for the sake of other characters. 

Sansa Stark - At first, I kind of liked Sansa. There's nothing wrong with being really girly - I consider myself to be somewhat girly as well. But then she started acting like a spoiled, selfish little brat who complains whenever she doesn't get what she wants. In the HBO series specifically they made her out to be a brat. For example, when Septa Mordane was about to tell Sansa about her life or something like that, Sansa said "Oh wait. I've just realized - I don't care." I started to truly not like her when she lied to King Robert about what had happened between Joffrey, Micah and Arya by saying she didn't know. She could have saved an innocent boy's life! Well, I guess most likely Cersei would believe her son and have the butcher's boy (Micah) killed either way, but still. It disgusted me, the way she pined after Joffrey, who has such an unattractive personality. I saw through his attempts to woo Lady Sansa. I saw who he really was. Arya did, too, but NOOOO, Sansa just wanted to have "Joffrey's beautiful blonde babies" (according to the HBO series). She very much wanted to be queen, as I'm sure every girl in the Seven Kingdoms did, but I would rather not be queen than marry Joffrey. I very much admired Sansa, however, for having the courage to face Joffrey in front of the whole court and council and beg for her father's life. And I had hope when Joffrey said he'd grant him clemency if he confessed. My heart constricted when Joffrey smiled at Sansa reassuringly before ordering her father's beheading. I felt her pain. I hated Joffrey right along with her after the execution, and I was SO hoping that she'd succeed in pushing Joffrey to his death when he was showing her the heads. Weren't you? 

Catelyn Stark - For some reason, I never liked Catelyn. I didn't like her sister, Lysa, much either. I think the only reason I didn't like her was because of the way she treated Jon Snow. If my husband had cheated on me and had a kid with some other woman, I'd hate him and that woman, not the child. Yes, he'd be a painful reminder of what my husband had done, and I may resent the kid a little, but I wouldn't treat him as harshly as she did to Jon. I could see why Jon wanted to go to the Wall, because he didn't fit in with the Stark children, all because of Lady Catelyn. In the HBO series, she didn't allow Jon to sit with them at the banquet for the King at Winterfell because he was a bastard, and when he came in to say goodbye to the comatose Bran, she was really mean to him. Other than this, I'd say Catelyn was a pretty decent character. She was highly supportive of her son Robb when he went into battle with the Lannisters, which I applaud her for. 

Jorah Mormont - I liked Jorah's personality, how he was very protective of Daenerys and how he helped her against her brother, but I just hated him for betraying her to King Robert. It was obvious he had feelings for her, and I bet after he got his pardon he stopped sending reports, but his un-loyalty infuriated me. I was very happy when he saved her from that wine-seller who tried to sell her poisoned wine, I would have been very angry if Daenerys was killed off so soon into the series. 

Viserys Targaryen - What an awful brother, is all I have to say. It sickened me when he told Daenerys that he'd let Khal Drogo's whole khalasar have sex with her if that was what it took to get his kingdom back. I wanted to hit him. Who says such vulgar things to a woman, especially your younger sister? And then after she got married to Khal Drogo he'd insult her BECAUSE she was a horse lord's wife (or slut/whore, in his words). It was HIS IDEA to marry her to the khal! That was what he'd wanted! Of course any husband in that world would want his wife to have his children, so it's only natural that she got pregnant by the khal! And the way he threatened her in Vaes Dothrak...saying he'd cut out her baby and take her back, as if she was merely an object to be sold - I was so glad that Khal Drogo defended his wife and killed him! He deserved what he got. I shudder to think what would have happened if Viserys ever got his throne back. Plus, he wasn't a real dragon - Daenerys was, which made me so thrilled.  

Other characters I despised include Tywin Lannister, Lysa Arryn-Tully, Alliser Thorne (from the Night's Watch) and Mirri Maz Duur

Game of Thrones - Characters I love! :)

So far, I've only read the first book in A Song of Ice and Fire Series by George R.R. Martin, but it's AMAZING! The only bad part is the really slow parts, which tend to happen a lot. I've read the prologue of Clash of Kings, but I'm reading Pretty Little Secrets, and I need A LOT of time to read the series. I've also watched the HBO series, and it's pretty amazing - it definitely does the books justice.

My favorite characters in the Game of Thrones are:

Arya Stark - Do I need to say more? Just her name is awesome! She's not a girly girl like her sister Sansa, and SHE FIGHTS! She's not afraid to talk back and question orders. Plus, she's not stupid - I mean, it was HER and not Sansa who knew that she had to escape the Red Keep once Ned was arrested. She actually learns how to swordfight with Syrio Forel, which comes in MUCH more use than Sansa's sewing needles ever will, especially in the upcoming war. I admire her for standing up to Joffrey when Joffrey started to attack Micah, her friend. Plus, I love the name of her direwolf, Nymeria. 100 times more creative a name than Lady, Sansa's direwolf.  In short, Arya Stark is amazing, and I will be so angry if Martin kills her off.

Ned Stark - Two words - Cool dad. Although his honor and justice eventually brings his downfall, it's that sense of rightousness that I love about him. He's a force to be reckoned with, according to Queen Cersei. He's smart, knowing how to follow the steps like Jon Arryn did before he died. He discovers the truth about Cersei's children - plus he's a loyal friend to King Robert, the only one it appears. He's the only one who would stand up to him, tell him no when something Robert was doing was wrong. He's protective of Arya and Sansa and his boys, and cares about them very much. He even hires a swordfighting teacher for Arya - how awesome is that? Most dads in that time wouldn't do that for their daughters. He even decides to "confess his wrongs" because of the immense love he has for his daughter Sansa, who is being held captive by Cersei. I hated Joffrey more than anybody in the world when the axe fell. And remember: Winter is Coming.

Bran Stark - He's so adorable! Plus he climbs - something I've never been able to do. I think I screamed at the book when Jaime pushed him off from that tower. I begged God to wake him up from his coma after the fall. My heart broke for him when he was in his little depression over not being able to walk again, and I loved Tyrion for giving him that special saddle/horse/whatever it was to help him be able to shoot arrows horseback. I cheered when Summer, Bran's direwolf, protected him from that assassin. Bran = the coolest little boy ever.

Tyrion Lannister - He's a pretty amusing character. What I love most about him is that he comes up with the most clever words when he's on the verge of death. He's intelligent, much more so than his brother Jaime. Plus he's not afraid to take risks. I love him because he's so so funny! And remember, a Lannister always pays his debts. Is that how it goes? I know the Lannisters' house words - HEAR ME ROAR! :)

Jon Snow - Although he's a bit of a whiner during his time at the Night's Watch, I admire his courage and his intelligence in saving Commander Mormont from that wight and his loyalty to his family when he abandoned the Night's Watch for the night to help his brother Robb against the Lannisters. I also adore his friends for bringing him back, especially Samwell. I adore Samwell. I felt so bad for Sam, you know? His father just shipping him off to the Night's Watch because he wasn't manly like he was supposed to be.

Daenerys Targaryen - Dragon blood in your veins? Is there any way a person can get cooler than that? I felt her fear during her wedding to Khal Drogo, but I loved their relationship. It was the only one even slightly romantic in the whole series. I cheered when Khal Drogo killed her brother Viserys for threatening his wife and their baby. I loved how as Khaleesi she grew courage and started to behave as the royal she was. I cried when she lost her baby and Khal Drogo to Mirri Maz Duur's treachery. That was NOT cool of Mirri Maz Duur to trick Daenerys like that, but I think my heart swelled when after the funeral for Drogo her dragons finally hatched, the only ones in the whole world.

Characters that also deserve attention for their awesomeness: Robb Stark, Samwell Tarly, King Robert Baratheon, Renly Baratheon, Sandor Clegane.

Pretty Little Secrets - Hanna's POV

Right now, I am reading Pretty Little Secrets by Sara Shepard. I started like, two days ago, but I'm already on chapter 12.

This book is set during the winter break of Aria, Spencer, Hanna and Emily's junior year (also, technically, it's set after the 4th book, Unbelievable, and the 5th book, Wicked). The book is split into four parts, for each of the four girls POV.

The novel starts with Hanna Marin's POV. Hanna's best friend, Mona Vanderwaal, has recently died, having fallen off a cliff, breaking her neck. Hanna is just trying to find ways to avoid thinking of Mona and the memories they shared. Therefore, she avoids the King James Mall, which she & Mona used to frequently visit, and goes to the new mall that just opened, The Devon Crest (or something like that). It's still hard for Hanna to grasp the fact that her friendship with Mona was a lie, as Mona never really liked Hanna and was just waiting to get revenge on her (Mona is the notorious text-messager, otherwise known as "A"). Her boyfriend, Lucas Beattie (who Mona used to make fun of, before she died, that is) is going to the Yucatan with a childhood friend by the name of Brooke, who hinted at Hanna when they met that she was going to steal Lucas away from her. Once Lucas is gone (and suspiciously does not contact her for a while), Hanna assumes that Lucas is cheating on her, and begins to flirt with her gym instructer, Vince (oh, she also attends a "Holiday Boot Camp" to lose the pounds she gained as a result of having attended too many Christmas parties, AND to look amazing so that Lucas would regret having cheated on her). She competes for the attention of Vince with Dinah Morissey, who seems determined to snag Vince for her own.

Did I mention that her father, his fiancee, Isabel, and his fiancee's EVIL daughter, Kate Randall - have moved into her house while her mom takes a job in Singapore?

Result = DISASTER! Obviously! I'm not done with Hanna's POV yet, but like every other PLL situation, it ends that way. 

One thing I hate about Hanna is how she automatically assumes that if Lucas doesn't contact her in a few days definitely means he's cheating on her. Maybe he's busy - I mean, he's wanted to go to the Yucatan his whole life, according to him. Give the poor boyfriend a break. He DID listen to you constantly complain about Mona and Kate, after all.

At 10:00 PM, I finished Hanna Marin's POV. I'm glad about the way it turned out alright all in all concerning Lucas and her father and even Kate somewhat, but I hated Dinah absolutely, although she wasn't worth a bit of Hanna's worry or time. And neither was Vince. Dinah was just awful for tricking Hanna and fake-friending her for the sake of winning Vince. Ugh, I just hate people like her. Well, I hope she and Vince are happy! If you've read this book, you'll know what I mean...hint, hint. 

But all of those who've read the ENTIRE PLL series knows what happens after this junior year winter break...sorry Hanna, it will NOT get any easier for you. 

And now, on to Emily Fields' POV! I'll post Emily's POV in its entirety when I'm done with her part. 

Focus of this Blog

If you come to this blog and HATE spoilers, beware! I think I will be posting reviews about books I read, but also summaries, which I am terrible at because I tend to spoil the book. I'll try really really hard not to. I'll make my best efforts.

This blog was originally part of my International Investigations Week project, but I think I'll continue it. It's a great way to meet and communicate with fellow book lovers around the world. I'll also be using my Goodreads more.

IIW is wrapping up today, and I'd have to say that my blog and my attempts at communicating with others around the world was a success. I've connected with many over books (friends on Goodreads include Adriana, Abby, Patti, Naynay, Brenna, Tabitha and Saga), and I've related really well to Abby, probably the most out of anyone I've talked to. On the green & pink post is the summary of Abby and my most recent conversation. :) I hope it's okay if I post it here, Abby.

I've discovered that I'm not the only one in the world who can't connect with others their age because they don't share common interests. Something I found in common among many people is that a lot of people read books to escape reality, to discover other places/worlds.

I'm really glad I chose this IIW because it's helped me a lot in finding people more similar to me than the people I'm normally around at school.

More About Book Love

Tabitha -  I love books for the same reasons as you guys. Basically they take me away from everything and can always make me feel better, ya know?
Your blogs look amazing.

Adriana Garcia, the U.S.A - What connects me..? I don't know. I like being absorbed into someone else's adventure or romance even if they are just fictional. They just make me happy.

Starburst, the U.S.A. -  Books are freakin awesome that why i like them.

Terri, the U.S.A -  I really love to read for the escape from my own reality. I enjoy tv and movies for the same reason. This is why I prefer science fiction, horror or anything paranormal genres because it's really not real and far from my own life. It's like a mini vacation to dive into a really good book.

Sheri - For me its entering into a world I never could have created on my own. Each book you read is filled with the author's own imagination and experiences. The twists and turns in a story are their own unique perspectives and creations. Like you said, you get to experience situations and have adventures that you otherwise normally wouldn't.

Anastasia, the U.S.A. - for me they're more of an escape from reality. it allows me to become a different person for awhile. though it's not always a good thing because i end up longing for something i know, unless there's some miracle, will never happen. i have a hard time making friends because most of the people i know aren't into the stuff i am, combined with the fact that i'm extremely quiet it allows people to pretty much ignore me. so for me books are an escape and something i can easily talk to people about, though i think most of the friends i do have get kind of annoyed with me when i talk about books to much.

Shawna, the U.S.A. - I also don't have many friends that read the same books I do, some of them even look funny at me when they see what I am reading (paranormal) because it is consider "not apart of my culture".... it sometimes can be a little lonely not being able to discuss something that impacts your way of life, but reading for me is the way I remove myself from the everyday world and immerse myself in a world that is impossible to live in... It is almost a thrill to read a book so good it leaves your heart beating fast and your mouth hanging open in amazement when something unexpected regardless of what others think....I keep reading!!!

Why other people love books - Continued! :)

Thomas from Castle Air Force Base, U.S.A. - Many of you have expressed my love of books exactly! Over the past year I have become a published author. I used to wonder why it took my favorite authors so long to come out with the next sequel to the series I have been following, NOW I KNOW!!
My love of books has been taken to a completely new level. Because I craft the worlds, the rules, the characters out of my crazy imagination. I started down this path from reading voraciously and thinking I knew where a book was going or how things might end up and being disappointed, left hanging, or feeling that the author could have done so much more. Now I can crank it up, twist every drop of life out out of the plot, and write the books I would like to read. The nice thing is that there are others who enjoy just such intensity, drama, and action.

Karen from Hasbrouck Heights, New Jersey - Escaping into a book, into a world different than my own whether its in the past, the future, a different place or planet is irresistible to me. To learn about different people and their lives, what life was like 500 years ago or 100 years ago or in Africa or England, or anywhere, it's all so interesting and different than my own life.

I started life as a tomboy who played with the boys in the neighborhood because there were no girls. Then I learned to read. After that I had to be chased out of the house to get some fresh air. I lived for the summers so I read all day long. I begged my mother to take me to the library more than once a week because I'd already finished my last book. I was very lucky to have a mother who also loved to read and understood. The library was a magical place for me then, now my own collection of books and book websites feed my passion.

Anne from Poughkeepsie, New York -  I taught myself to read when I was three years old. Books have been my salvation through a less than stellar childhood, through all the hard times in my life, I have turned to books where some people do drugs or drink. I don't know what I'd do without them.
Through reading I've been to places I'll probably never get to, and visited worlds I can only dream of. I will never stop reading!

Brenna from Chapel Hill, Tennessee -  I love my books because they take me away from everything. Like when I'm sad or hurt I read a book and i forget everything. (it's kinda like a drug) :)

Freya Pickard from the U.K. - I have to read because I have to have stories in my life.

Ruth from Parkersburg, West Virginia - I think story telling and listening are a primary function of being human. Books allow us to connect with the best story tellers. The physical books themselves are also often a source of delight, when well bound and illustrated.

The next post is for the people who shared their opinions but do not have an exact location.

Why other people love books! :)

I'll be making two posts of other's reasons for why they love to read. Here are a few:

Leah from Maryville, Tennessee -  As a former bookish kid, I can relate to your story. For me, it was because I grew up on a farm in a very rural area and didn't have a lot of peers to interact with outside of school. While my school friends lived in neighborhoods and ran amuck with other kids, I turned to reading and wandering on the farm. I'm 29 now and my love of books is stronger than ever. Reading can take you anywhere you want to go!

Keep with it. When you get to college (or just into the real world if you don't pursue college), you will find that being bookish can be a good thing- it can connect you with others (just look at LT!) and give you the ability to understand people who are different than you.

Catalina Egan from Delray Beach, Florida - I began to read at a very early age in Spanish, but the love of readin was instilled in me at the age of nine in the US. So I have always prefered books in English, but to keep up with my languages I do read in my other three Languages.
I read and get inspired by so many different things in books, some the story line allows me to escape from any issues in my life from which I need to detach. Other books give me ideas as to things I may wish to explore, attitudes to different philosophies or just plain old knowledge. As a writer I have for many years on my own 'studied' the writer's I admire. Looking at how their work improves with each book (most of the time) or why I was impacted by the work, was it really the subject or the way it was presented.

Saga (Herondale Girl) from Ludvika, Sweden - For me it's not that I relate to the character, it's what I see in them I wish for me. When the athor designs the character to be strong, I think when I'm reading that I want to be strong. Just like her/him. And during the story, as it develops, I become a different person. Books changes us, we learn how to react in a uniq way. We know when someone is lying, because we've been told all the signs. We change, become better people, because the books do that to us. They help and fix what's wrong. You can forget yourself in a book, be someone else. And sometimes that helps a lot more.

Stephen Goldin from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania - Books let us experience things we never will in real life. Books introduce us to fascinating people and places. Books are a new--and usually safe--place. Books teach us lessons that might be too dangerous or expensive to learn on our own. And books are always there, even when our best friends might be busy doing other things.

As Groucho Marx put it, "Outside of a dog, a book is man's best friend. Inside of a dog, it's too dark to read anyway."

Nikki from Monticello, Minnesota -  I would have to agree with everyone else. I've used books as my escape since I was in Middle School. I was lonely and didn't fit in to any of the Cliques. However, I'm always excepted in my books. I can be anyone I want to be, just by reading. I can travel anywhere to any "when" just by reading. Reading is my time. No one can get in there and mess with/bother me. It's just me and the story. No one can take that from me, my own little slice of nirvana and serenity served up on a fascinating plate just for me. Unless I'm denied books. Then it's on like Donkey Kong. Hopefully my ramblings haven't been to hokey =)

Alana from Austin, Texas - Stephen wrote: "In large part, you already answered your own question. Books let us experience things we never will in real life. Books introduce us to fascinating people and places. Books are a new--and usually s..."I couldn't have put it better! What he said is what I think!

Abby Reynolds from Fort Mill, South Carolina - Like C.S Lewis once said, "People read to feel like they are not alone." I completely agree with that saying. Also, I love reading books that take me some place, where I know I could never go. I also love the feeling when someone gets hurt, and their friend saves, and/or comforts them.

I talked to Abby Reynolds on Goodreads, and I've found that just in this answer, we're alike. We talked about our feelings towards books and how they help us escape reality. I thank her for introducing me to C.S. Lewis's quote that "People read to feel like they are not alone." We continued talking about our favorite book series (Harry Potter) and then we talked about other things, like school and movies.

Monday, January 9, 2012

Monday's Progress

I think I made the most progress so far on Monday. I've gotten opinions from many people, mostly from the U.S., but also from other countries. The sites that helped me most was Goodreads & Book Blogs, where I could share my blog and my passion for books!

Kate Evangelista from the Philippines said - I love a good love story and adventure. When the characters pull me in right off the bat and refuse to let me go. That happened to me when I started reading City of Bones. I just couldn't put the book down. It's always my hope that every time I start to read a new book, it would be something that I can't put down. 

Comments about Books

In order to connect with others around the nation/globe about books, I created a Goodreads account. Here are some comments from others about their passion for books:

Bridget Bowers, Northern California - There are a lot of reasons reading became a passion for me. I liked the idea that I can escape into another time or place and experience the world in a whole new way.

I love getting into stories were the characters are like members of my family. I always enjoyed sharing their adventures and feeling proud of their accomplishments.

Better than TV, video games or movies a book is always there to take you away the moment you start reading. I read every day, just as I write every day. It became who I was at an early age and continues to grow day by day.

A.F. Stewart, Nova Scotia, Canada - I've never really thought about why I love reading books; I guess I was always too busy with my imagination buried in a book to consider my reasons.

Gayatri from Mumbai, India - There are different reasons for a reader to connect with a novel. Also the reasons may differ from one novel to another. It depends on how you look at it. I suppose I love the idea of fantastic adventures and exploits, things that aren't quite so everday routine. Characters in books don't usually have days filled with dishes, dinners and laundry.

Patti Roberts from Cairns, Australia - For me it's all about the characters and the way they feel about the predicament they are in. How they make me feel being part of their world, their story. If I can feel what they are feeling then I just can't wait to take the journey with them. From beginning to end.

Paul from Sheffield, the U.K. - I've been in love with books for as long as I could remember. For me it is the places you can visit, the situations you can explore, the people you meet and the dilemmas they face. I remember being enchanted by stories from a very early age, having good early teachers at school who read well (and in British primary schools in the 70s every class had a book corner, a cosy, carpeted part of the class with shelves of appropriate books you could just pick up, which you were encouraged to do. We also had daily reading time built into the class time right up to the age of eight, I think). There also used to be a superb show on children's TV called Jackanory, 15 minutes every day where someone would just sit and read to the camera, directly to the kids sitting enthralled. I remember The Hobbit and Roald Dahl, and many others. The images in movies and TV shows were never quite as good as the ones formed by letters on a page, or a voice reading.

While some people aren't lucky enough to have these experiences, to have parents or teachers with a passion for books, or some other way of discovering those joys, so many people who start exploring seem to put it aside as they get older (I deliberately didn't say "grow up").

I can't understand how anyone doesn't read.

Naynay Pope from Windsor, Ontario, Canada -  I think books take us to another place and another time. We can escape the hardships of daily life. When we are caught up in a book, the only thing that exist at that moment is the story of romance or mystery or fantasy. We can be what ever we want to be.

Only on paper has humanity yet achieved glory, beauty, truth, knowledge, virture, and abiding love.
- George Bernard Shaw

Unfortunately, most people I communicate on Goodreads with don't post their location or are from the U.S. A lot of people on Yahoo Answers have responded to my questions, but I don't know where they are from or what their real names are, in some instances.

My Goodreads group link is here:

Also, at the right side of this page is a globe. If you'd be so kind, please pinpoint the location you are in when you visit this page. Thanks!


Friday, January 6, 2012

Yesterday's Progress

Yesterday was quite productive, in the sense that I was able to communicate with other people from around the nation/globe about their passion for books (I don't know where they're from, or their real names, but I'll post some comments here.)

I will continue asking people what drives their passion for books.

Naynay - I think books take us to another place and another time. We can escape the hardships of daily life. When we are caught up in a book, the only thing that exist at that moment is the story of romance or mystery or fantasy. We can be what ever we want to be.

Sheri- For me its entering into a world I never could have created on my own. Each book you read is filled with the author's own imagination and experiences. The twists and turns in a story are their own unique perspectives and creations. Like you said, you get to experience situations and have adventures that you otherwise normally wouldn't.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Passionate About Books

It's harder than I could ever guess to be able to find book blogs and connect with other people about them. I've been following other avid readers' blogs, but for now, I'm going to get the opinion of my fellow peers and then I'll focus on talking to others around the nation/globe.

My first opinion is of someone in my group (Initials are M.M) - She connects with books in the sense that she wishes to be them. She prefers fantasy books instead of realistic books because she doesn't like to live in reality. She doesn't like romance novels.

  - My connection to her opinion: I can easily relate to her. I do live in reality, but a lot of times I like to escape it through a novel. Often times I do wish I was somebody else, especially characters in novels. Unlike her, I do like romance books, but specific romance novels. These days, romances in novels are very similar and that annoys me.

My list of books that I've read and loved include (in no particular order):
- The Da Vinci Code (and it's sequel, the Lost Symbol) - Dan Brown
- Message in a Bottle - Nicholas Sparks
- The Hunger Games Trilogy - Suzanne Collins
- The Summer Trilogy - Jenny Han
- The Harry Potter series - J.K. Rowling
- The Percy Jackson series - Rick Riordan
- If I Stay (and it's sequel, Where She Went) - Gayle Forman
- The Pretty Little Liars series and the Lying Game series - Sara Shepard
- I Am Number Four Series - Pittacus Lore
- The Red Queen's Daughter - Jacqueline Kolosov
- Beastly - Alex Flinn
- The Fallen Series - Lauren Kate
- Thirteen Reasons Why - Jay Asher
- Other Words for Love - Lorraine Zago Rosenthal
- Double Identity - Margaret Haddix
- Jane - April Lindner
- A Song of Ice and Fire Series - George R.R. Martin
- Wherever Nina Lies - Lynn Weingarten
- Promise Not to Tell - Jennifer McMahon
- Ten Things We Did (And Probably Shouldn't Have) - Sarah Mlynowski
- Envy - Gregg Olsen
- Perfect Chemistry - Simone Elkeles 
- My Sister's Keeper - Jodi Picoult 

In this novel list, I actually remembered a book I read a few years ago and really liked, called Wish You Well by David Baldacci. There are several other favorites, but I can't come up with them off the top of my head. I'll add when I remember what they are.

Restarting my Blog!

Hello, everyone! As you might (or might not) know, this blog used to be the blog I used for my Multimedia class last school year, but as the class ended, so did my blog, unfortunately. But now, the end of winter break has come, and with it, comes International Investigation Week (AKA IIW) at my school. IIW is a weeklong event where students go into deeper study of a topic they find interesting. My topic is pursuing your passion. Basically, I will follow something I love and try to connect with others around me and around the world through this passion, and show those connections.

My passion is books. It always has been. Nobody I know reads like I do. I've read probably hundreds of books in my lifetime. Unfortunately, it's been difficult to connect with people at my school, since I don't really watch TV or play videogames or be interested in the same things they are. I wanted to try to connect with others in this project. I already keep up with other readers' blogs, but I don't really talk to them or anything like that. My passion for books stems from two facts - one, that when I read a book, I don't feel so alone in the world and also because I can relate to fictional characters in a way that I can't do with kids at my school. I can escape reality, which is sometimes lonely and dull, and just jump into someone else's life. I can experience situations and have adventures that I probably will never have in real life.

Therefore, on this blog, each day this week (and next Monday & Tuesday) I will write what I have accomplished each day and show interactions with other readers I find (this will also involve a lot of signing up to various websites because most websites do require you to log-in whenever you want to comment on somebody's blog posts.)

I follow one of my favorite authors, Jenny Han, on Tumblr (I don't really understand Tumblr, never have, and probably never will). She is the author of Shug & The Summer Trilogy. If you haven't read the Summer Trilogy, they are very good books for teenage girls, romantic novels, but they're sweet & innocent, unlike other romantic books for teenagers. I'll post her link below:

She also has a Blogspot, but she updates her Tumblr more often. The blogspot link above is basically information about herself and her novels.

Later on today, I'll post a list of books that I have read & loved. WARNING: It will probably be lengthy.

Wish me luck!! :)